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Gesture-Controlled Robot

This project uses Kinect technology to capture, process and interpret human gestures for controlling the motion of a robot.

Matrix NAVAN CNX200: Office-in-a-Box Solution for Small Enterprises

NAVAN CNX200 is a converged voice and data platform for small set-ups and branch offices with up to 24 IP users. It helps to get rid of buying and maintaining separate devices for office communication.

Contiki OS Connecting Microcontrollers to IoT

As the Internet of Things becomes more of a reality, Contiki, an open source OS, allows DIY-enthusiasts to experiment with connecting tiny, low-cost, low-power microcontrollers to the Internet.

Soldering/De-soldering Stations With a Pool of New Features

The growth of the printed circuit board assembly industry has increased the demand for soldering and de-soldering equipment, but selecting the right soldering station is still a concern

The Future of Wireless Charging and Long-lasting Batteries

Although both solar/kinetic power and wireless charging fall under the'‘portable power' umbrella, the two should not be conflated. Solar, kinetic and other non-battery topics fall under the umbrella commonly referred to as alternative portable power. Under this umbrella, we have solar, kinetic, fuel cells, RF power harvesting and others. Stu Lipoff, IEEE fellow, discusses with Sustainabilityzero, India, the future of wireless charging and long-lasting batteries

5Spice Analysis 2.10

An easy-to-use analogue circuit modelling, simulation and analysis software for professionals and inexperienced circuit designers

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator

QUCS is a circuit simulator with well-advanced graphical user interface (GUI) which allows setting up of schematics and presenting simulation results in various types of diagrams. Here is an overview of how to start working with it

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