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Understanding Lasers and Their Applications

Lasers are wonderful devices with enormous application potential. This article gives you an insight into their basic characteristics, classification and applications

Whitepaper: Virtualisation and the Internet of Things

This whitepaper discusses how embedded virtualisation enables the device flexibility and security required for IoT.

Application Note: CMOS Oscillators

This note describes several square wave oscillators that can be built using CMOS logic elements

Better power saving technology is also enabling performance enhancement

Everything today is smart, smartfactories, smarthomes and smartcars. Our devices, cars and appliances have become more efficient, are able to process faster and can deliver more features. At the core of these smart devices are the chips that make these devices work. Shinichi Yoshioka, vice president and chief, Automotive Analog and Power Systems business division, Renesas Electronics Corp., speaks with Rahul Chopra of EFY

SmartCane: Indigenous Device to Help the Visually Impaired

When a third of the world’s visually impaired reside in India, it made perfect sense for IIT Delhi and the Saksham team to design and test an affordable device to help such people. Funded by Wellcome Trust, the UK, and manufactured by Phoenix Medical Systems, SmartCane comes with an assortment of features and still manages to retail at an affordable price.

Whitepaper: The Challenges Of Interfacing HDMI In The World Of Professional AV

Using HDMI as a professional AV display interface would appear to be ill-advised, as its copy protection overlay was never designed with multi-point video and audio signal distribution in mind. Yet, these are different times: the world of consumer electronics drives most of the new product innovation and demand for the pro AV channel, so customers routinely expect to use HDMI-equipped products in commercial installations and applications.

Towards an Extra Layer of Security: The Cost of Two-Factor Authentication (Part 3 of 3)

By now, we know what two-factor authentication (TFA) is and how it can be an extremely useful security tool. In this concluding part of the article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of TFA, along with various tokens/services available in the market for activating TFA.

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