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Time to market is a critical factor for design engineers

The new oscilloscopes are evolving in multiple areas, but the most interesting aspect seems to be the increased focus on the user—the engineer who actually uses the scope. Kapil Sood, managing director, and Naresh Narasimhan, country manager at Tektronix India spoke with Dilin Anand of EFY

How the Internet of Things is changing the Industrial sector

Predictions are that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and in our lifetime we will experience life with a trillion-node network. The IoT is ushering in the next Industrial Revolution and will enable new form of analytics to analyse a massive cloud of dynamic, ever changing information and offer information that can be used for operative and analytical purposes.

Using Optics to Optimize Your Machine Vision Application

The lens is responsible for creating sufficient image quality to enable the vision system to extract the desired information about the object from the image. It is critical to machine vision performance because information that is not captured by the lens cannot be re-created in software. In a typical application, the lens is required to locate features within the field of view (FOV), ensure the features are in focus, maximize contrast and avoid perspective distortion. What may be adequate image quality for one application may be insufficient for another.

Raspberry Pi - A Practicable SBC for Fuzzy Logic Applications

This article explains why single board computers (SBC), Linux OS and Python are an excellent combination for fuzzy logic applications. It also explores one such experimental application – Automatic Gearing System for four wheelers – and its results.

Maintenance-free Industry PCs Epitomize the State of 'Zero Maintenance'

Maintenance costs increase the total cost of ownership. Maintenance-free industry PCs come with the promise of reducing maintenance costs to zero, while continuing to deliver exceptional reliability.

Linux Porting and App Development Is a Breeze with JTAG Debuggers

Considering the complexity of today’s embedded systems, using a Linux-aware JTAG debugger vis-à-vis traditional agent-based debugging, can be more efficient and effective in reducing the time-to-market for Linux-based systems.

Industry 4.0: Realization today with proven control architectures

A revolution is by definition a radical change of existing conditions. As history classes stress, certain points in time are strongly associated with revolutions; however, close examination often reveals more subtle, evolutionary developments. This particularly applies to the ongoing industrial revolution as currently discussed in its fourth embodiment: Industry 4.0. At the core of this development is the convergence of information and automation technology, a phenomenon for which Checkoff has already laid the foundation more than 25 years ago with PC-based control – which still offers the optimum control architecture for the concepts of the future.

What is New in Multimeters

A multimeter for an electronics engineer is as essential as a stethoscope is for a physician. It is an extremely useful, indispensable diagnostic tool for electronics design professionals, students and hobbyists—but is there anything more to it? This article provides some insights into the latest trends in multimeters

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