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Getting Started With Kinect and OpenCV

This article gives a brief introduction to Kinect sensor and explains how to install OpenCV libraries in Ubuntu operating system. The article also covers some useful commands at the end for connecting Kinect to your computer. It can serve as a base for developing complex computer vision applications using Kinect for Ubuntu operating system.

Whitepaper: Latch-Up

This document describes and discusses the topic of CMOS Latch-Up ranging from theory to testing of products. The recently proposed modifications to JEDEC standard JESD78 are discussed along with progress for making it more analog friendly with respect to special pin functions and/or high voltage requirements

Gesture Control Made Easy with Gesto

This open-source board lets you easily add gesture recognition, analysis and control to any project.

Analog Devices now covers RF range from 10MHz to 110GHz

Until a year back, ADI used to manufacture components that work in the range of 10MHz to 6GHz. But with the acquisition of Hittite in June 2014, ADI extends its services to up to 110GHz, which spans the RF range required in different kinds of radars and in electronic warfare.

Develop Your Own Android App

Have you ever thought of developing an app on Android—one of the most popular operating systems found in present smartphones? Developing a useful app is always a joyful moment. How would you feel if I tell you that you can develop an Android app without any programming background? Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Application Note: Using an external power supply with Sivoia QED Keypads

Application note on using an external power supply with Sivoia QED Keypads.

See and Speak Using Raspberry Pi

Imagine a machine that can see and speak, and is fully portable. It is surprising, right? In this article, we present a system based on Raspberry Pi, or Raspi, that can see and speak. It takes pictures of text content around its vicinity from the webcam attached to Raspi, converts it to speech and speaks out the text through a headphone or speaker connected to its audio jack.

IoT is Old Wine In A New Bottle

In this interview for our Design In India series, we take a look at a systems design house named Shalaka Technologies. They focus on embedded systems design, and specialise in the integration of MEMS, communication interfaces, GPS and general packet radio service (GPRS) in industrial solutions. Hemant Kamat, chief technology officer, Shalaka Technologies, talks to Abhimanyu Rathore.

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