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Application Note : Battery Charger Detection over USB with FT - X Devices

The purpose of this document is to describe how to use the FT-X family of devices in designs that are required to detect if the device is connected to a power source for battery charging or a full USB host controller.

WhitePaper : Troubleshooting EMI in Embedded Designs

This paper provides a brief introduction to embedded EMI debugging / troubleshooting challenges and how to use a digital oscilloscope to debug the two key culprits of EMI - switching power supplies and power amplifiers.

WhitePaper : New High-performance Embedded Computing Modules Support three Digital Display Interfaces and USB 3.0

This white paper provides a close look into the advantage of the new PICMG COM Express™ Type 6 standard, insight into Intels processor architecture and a short description of MSCs embedded platforms and design in support.

What is Transforming the Smart Grid

Smart grid is the paradigm for a class of technology being designed to join forces and modernise our entire energy industry. This story gives a glimpse of how it is being done and what it means for you

Semiconductors as Key Components in Future Smart Grid Installations

Though todays large scale power plants will remain the major backbone of these grids for the years to come, the change will allow the more efficient use of a growing portion of renewable energies, finally eliminating the usage of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Besides the power generation and transmission, storing of energy, communication and security issues will be part of this change, making semiconductors in all ranges the dominant key component of these new megastructures.

10 Interesting Videos On Gesture Recognition

The concept of gesture recognition sounds much like a science fiction, but it is indeed up and running. So as a proof for non-believers and as a help for aspirants, we bring 10 demo/tutorial videos to help you learn wondrous things that Gesture Recognition technology can do. Enjoy!

LTE: A Natural Choice for Long-term IoT or M2M Communication

Many machine-to-machine (M2M) operators consider LTE as their natural choice for long-term Internet of Things (IoT) or, to be precise, for M2M communications

Solar Conduction Dryer: A Boon to Indian Farmers

A start-up called Science for Society has designed and developed an innovative solar conduction dryer (SCD), with which it aims to improve the economic situation of Indian farmers, by avoiding crop loss. EFY got in touch with Vaibhav Tidke of Science for Society to discuss his innovation

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