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Embedded forms of USB will be very important for connecting modem chips to baseband processors

Some time ago, Dilin Anand from EFY spoke to Terry Moore, CEO, MCCI, a system engineering company which specialises in delivering USB system software to tier-1 silicon or semiconductor firms. MCCI chaired the committee that set up Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) specification and they also helped set up NCM specification, besides being principle author of the WMC family specifications

Can a stack of computer servers survive an earthquake?

In high-seismic regions, new facilities often are engineered with passive protective systems that provide overall seismic protection. But often, existing facilities are conventional fixed-base buildings in which seismic demands on sensitive equipment located within are significantly amplified. In such buildings, sensitive equipment needs to be secured from these damaging earthquake effects.

Potential use of Google Glass in surgical settings

A new article shows the potential applications for Google Glass in the surgical setting, particularly in relation to training. Personal portable information technology is advancing at a breathtaking speed. Google has recently introduced Glass, a device that is worn like conventional glasses, but that combines a computerized central processing unit, touchpad, display screen, high-definition camera, microphone, bone-conduction transducer, and wireless connectivity.

Limitations are paving the way for ultrasound-based sensors

The way people interact with the computer in a natural way has led to the evolution of natural user interfaces such as gesture, motion and touch.

There is also a major shift in the software controls happening in T&M

Sudhir Tangri, country general manager, Keysight Technologies India Pvt Ltd, speaks with Rahul Chopra and Pankaj Vashisht of EFY on what transforms test and measurement equipment. On September 19, 2013, Agilent Technologies announced plans to separate into two publicly traded companies through a tax-free spin off of its electronic measurement business. The new company, Keysight Technologies, began operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Agilent on August 1, 2014 with a full separation anticipated in early November 2014

Whitepaper: Industrial-strength design considerations to prevent thermal and EMI damage

Electronic controls and sensing in industrial applications enables or greatly improves many aspects of manufacturing, machining and production. However, electronics must survive within the harsh environments used to produce materials such as steel, petroleum products and chemicals, or in mines where the environment is extremely hot, dirty and humid. This article examines some of the key design obstacles and includes worst-case design techniques to achieve survivable solutions for industrial applications.

Whitepaper:High-Speed Layout Considerations in ARM Carrier Board Design

There has been dramatic growth in products using ARMô processors, driven most recently by the expanding smartphone and tablet markets.

Batteryless cardiac pacemaker is based on automatic wristwatch

A new batteryless cardiac pacemaker based on an automatic wristwatch and powered by heart motion has been presented by researchers. The prototype device does not require battery replacement.

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