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Latest Issues

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Broadband Internet Access Using ADSL
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 60-66Author: Rajiv kumar
Internet of Things, Made in India
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 40-44Author: Janani Gopalakrishnan Vikram
Physics Nobel Prize 2014 for LEDs as Future Lighting Devices
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 24-28Author: S S Verma
Selelcting 3D Television Made Easy
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 78-79Author: Diksha P Gupta (LFY Bureau)
Indian automative engineers are gaining significant ground...
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 74Author: Dilin Anand (EFY Bureau)
Low-Cost 6-Bit DAC
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 92-93Author: Petre TZV. Petrov
Live-Colour Detection Using MATLAB
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 102-104Author: Vivek Panchabhaiya
If you have pervasive wireless charging, you will want to optimise for high-rate designs...
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 71Author: Sneha Ambastha
Internet of Things and Big Data: Predict and Change The Future
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 34-38Author: Anagha P
ALPS: Bridging Academia-Industry Gap
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 68-70Author: Anagha P
Crystal-Locked Medium-Wave Transmitter
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 90Author: Joy Mukherji
The Internet of Things
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 12Author: Niraj K Sahay
Capturing Images with USB Camera, Wi-Fi and Raspberry Pi
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 96-100Author: Somnath Bera
Process Monitor
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 106-108Author: L Karthikeyan
Illuminated Optical Magnifier
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 94Author: Millind M Sutar
Internet of Things and Big Data: Predict and Change The Future
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 34-38Author: Dilin Anand (EFY Bureau)
Towards an Extra Layer of Security: Two-Factor Authentication
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 52-54Author: Hari Om Prakash
Todays M2M Solutions Accelerate Your IoT Designs Time-to-Market
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 46-51Author: Abhishek Mutha
Is Application Knowledge Enough to Buy the Right Programmable Power Supply
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 30-32Author: Sneha Ambastha
Market Survey: LED Market Could Grow Manifold in Next 15 Years
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 114-118Author: Sneha Ambastha
Handheld Test And Measurement Devices Growing to The Standards of Benchtops
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 56-58Author: Anagha P
Current-Control Circuit for LED Lighting
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 88-89Author: Yogesh Shukla
Blue Brain: Wrolds First Virtual Brain
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 20-22Author: Ranjith S
Wireless Gesture-Controllred Robot
Issue: January 01, 2015Page: 84-86Author: Aquib Javed Khan
Long Delay Timer with Real-Time Clock Display
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 75-77Author: Raj Narain
GUI Based Voice Identification Using MATLAB
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 91-92Author: Avnish Bora
Portability and Low-Power-Drive Power Analysis
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 52-56Author: Jai Sachith Paul
Contiki OS Connecting Microcontrollers to IoT
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 62-64Author: T S Pradeep Kumar
Soldering/De-soldering Stations With a Pool of New Features
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 65-67Author: Sneha A
Much Research and Development Happening in Power Sector
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 57-60Author: Anagha P
Automatic Evening Lamp
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 82-83Author: D Mohankumar
Real-Time Face Detection Using MATLAB
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 89-90Author: Vivek Panchabhaiya
Home Lightings Tech Makeover
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 40-44Author: Janani Gopalakrishnan Vikram
Exploding Electronic Devices
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 28-30Author: S S Verma
Interesting Facts
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 24-26Author: Krishna Murty K
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 93Author: Niraj K Sahay
Door-Knock or Viabration Alarm
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 84Author: Pradeep G.
Emerging Business Opportunities for Indian MSMEs In Electronic System Design and Manufacturing Sector
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 96-99Author: Confedration Of Indian Industry
Long Delay Timer with Real-Time Clock Display
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 75-77Author: K V Kandasamy
The Future of Wireless Charging and Long-lasting Batteries
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 117Author: STU LIPOFF
PLL FM Transmitter
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 72-74Author: Joy Mukherji
Portability and Low-Power-Drive Power Analysis
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 52-56Author: Anagha P
GUI Based Voice Identification Using MATLAB
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 91-92Author: Jitendra Jangid
Technological Advancements in LEDs and ZigBee are Making Lighting Smart
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 46-50Author: Abhishek Mutha
Safedrive: An Automatic Accident Management System
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 68-69Author: Dilin Anand (EFY Bureau)
Every end-market is progressing toward power systems in a package
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 115Author: Dilin Anand (EFY Bureau)
How to Reduce Mobile Phone Tower Radiation
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 32-38Author: Rajiv Kumar Singh
Simple Adjustable Staircase Waveform Generator
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 80-81Author: Petre TZV. Petrov
Lighting Industry Will Offer More Core Jobs for Engineers by 2020
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 100-102Author: Abhishek Mutha
Government Policies and Street-Lighting Boost Demand for LED Lighting
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 103-106Author: Abhishek Mutha
FACTS has been recognised as one of the key technologies of the decade that will shape the future
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 116Author: Abhishek Mutha
No More Drained Batteries With The Right Portable Charger
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 14-15Author: Diksha P Gupta (LFY Bureau)
Arduino as AVR Programmer
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 87-88Author: Somnath Bera
20 Must-Know Tips to Help You in Google Search
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 86Author: EFY Bureau
Effortless Hall Lights Controller
Issue: December 01, 2014Page: 78-79Author: Kaushik Hazarika
How SMEs Leverage Outsourcing for Growth
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 34-42Author: S A Srinivasa Moorthy
Building a Strong Manufacturing Sector in India
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 28-32Author: P S Deodhar
Laser Based Security Lock
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 87-88Author: EFY Lab
Smart Shells: The Electronics Behind Big Guns
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 66-70Author: B Kamalanath
Headphones: The right onr for you
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 14-15Author: Diksha P Gupta (LFY Bureau)
Monitor for 6V/12V Batteries
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 82-83Author: Petre TZV. Petrov
SDH: An All-Purpose Digital Transport System
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 62-64Author: Rajiv Kumar Singh
Plotting With MATLAB
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 95-97Author: Vivek Panchabhaiya
Electronics Rocks 2014 A Conference That Truly Rocked!
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 24-26Author: Abhishek Mutha
Wireless Communication: Evolving to Meet Ever-Changing Needs
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 56-60Author: Sneha Ambastha
Be Safe With B-Safe
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 100-101Author: Anagha P
Power Amplifier for FM Transmitter
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 86Author: Joy Mukherji
Automated Plants Watering System
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 79-80Author: Ayan Pahwa
Signal Acquisition and Analysis Using MATLAB
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 93-94Author: S Ananthi
Repair and Troubleshooting Tips
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 98Author: Niraj K Sahay
Remote Control of Webcam Through Internet
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 90-92Author: Somnath Bera
Wireless Communication: Shattering Barriers
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 52-54Author: Janani Gopalakrishnan Vikram
Simple Low-Power Audio Amplifier
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 84-85Author: S C Dwivedi
Indian Security Marked Shifting to IP Based Surveillance
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 109-112Author: Abhishek Mutha
Some factors that make a wearable a success are its cost, current drain, size and range
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 121Author: Dilin Anand (EFY Bureau)
Power-Efficient MCUs Elevating IoT and Embedded Applications
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 102-104Author: Abhishek Mutha
A Segment where we see significant growth are solid-state drives
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 122Author: Abhishek Mutha
VLSI Industry Offers Mostly Verification Based Jobs
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 48-50Author: Abhishek Mutha
EDA Tools For Circuit Design
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 44-46Author: Anagha P
Automated and Portable Test Solutions for RF Devices
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 106-108Author: Anagha P
LED Scrolling Display
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 74-78Author: Harwinder Singh
Signal Acquisition and Analysis Using MATLAB
Issue: November 01, 2014Page: 93-94Author: K Padmanabhan
Software to Help You Select Inverter for Your Home
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 106-108Author: Baskar K
RFID Based Access Control Using Arduino
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 80-84Author: Akhil Kaushik
Colour Segmentation Using MATLAB
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 110Author: Pankaj A Raut
Crystal-Controlled AM Transmitter
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 95Author: Joy Mukherji
Designing Modular Smartphones: How Possible is it?
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 28-31Author: Pankaj V
Educational Products and Services Sector Needs Focus
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 113-116Author: Sneha Ambastha
From Sensors to Interfaces - Wireless Communication Has a Lot to Offer
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 54-58Author: Sneha Ambastha
The deployment of smart meters is far from a one-size-fits-all undertaking
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 129Author: Pankaj V
How to Assemble Your Own 3D Printer
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 99-103Author: Ankit Gupta (EFY Bureau)
3D Printing, Community Meets and Budget-Friendly Tools Drive Open Electronics
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 34-38Author: Abhishek Mutha
Telecom Offers Mostly Developer and Installation Roles for Fresh Graduates
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 73-74Author: Abhishek Mutha
An Introduction to Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 64-66Author: Rajiv Kumar Singh
Fire Control Systems: The Electronics Behind Big Guns
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 68-72Author: B Kamalanath
Microcontroller Based Projects
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 112Author: Niraj K Sahay
Self-Driving Cars: The Next Revolution
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 24-26Author: Deepak Halan
Matchbox Capactior Tester
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 94Author: Kaushik Hazarika
Wi-Fi Cameras: Focus, Shoot and Share
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 14-16Author: Sanchari Banerjee
Educational Products and Services Sector Needs Focus
Issue: October 01, 2014Page: 113-116Author: Atithya Amresh
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