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  • First published on: 1-1-2009

    IR Music Transmitter and Receiver


    Using this circuit, audio musical notes can be generated and heard up to a distance of 10 metres.

    The circuit can be divided into two parts: IR music transmitter and receiver. The IR music transmitter works off a 9V battery, while the IR music receiver works off regulated 9V to 12V. Fig. 1 shows the circuit of the IR music transmitter. It uses popular melody generator IC UM66 (IC1) that can continuously generate musical tones. The output of IC1 is fed to the IR driver stage (built across the transistors T1 and T2) to get the maximum range.

    Fig. 1: Transmitter circuit

    Here the red LED (LED1) flickers according to the musical tones generated by UM66 IC, indicating modulation. IR LED2 and LED3 are infrared transmitting LEDs. For maximum sound transmission these should be oriented towards IR phototransistor L14F1 (T3).

    The IR music receiver uses popular op-amp IC µA741 and audio-frequency amplifier IC LM386 along with phototransistor L14F1 and some discrete components (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2: IR audio receiver circuit

    The melody generated by IC UM66 is transmitted through IR LEDs, received by phototransistor T3 and fed to pin 2 of IC µA741 (IC2). Its gain can be varied using potmeter VR1. The output of IC µA741 is fed to IC LM386 (IC3) via capacitor C5 and potmeter VR2. The melody produced is heard through the receiver’s loudspeaker. Potmeter VR2 is used to control the volume of loudspeaker LS1 (8-ohm, 1W). Switching off the power supply stops melody generation. 


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    Post Comment | 5 Comments

    kumar   1273 days ago

    can i use an audio input from my mp3 player & bypass the tone generator ic.Will the audio be transmitted & recieved?
    zeeshan   1266 days ago

    hi.. in transmitter ckt can i use IC instead of two transistors.. plz sugest me which ic i can useby using ic the transmission distance can b more
    saurabh   1166 days ago

    ive bypassed the UM66 & connected my mobile. but along with it radio signals can also be heardFM songs. Also ive not made the amplifier part but instead given the output to a 20W amp. Plz help to remove the distortion made by the radio signals
    diana vivek   602 days ago

    could you guys please send the design of this circuit to our mail
    PavanKumar   208 days ago

    Can we transmit stereo sound?

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