Tantalum Polymer Capacitors With High Capacitance and Voltage

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  • The new product offering by KEMET in the form of Tantalum Stack Polymer (TSP) capacitors is optimal for high power telecommunication applications
  • The TSP series also offers improved derating conditions and larger capacitance for ensuring low failure rate at typical voltage levels

KEMET (or the ‘Company’) has launched a new series of Tantalum Stack Polymer (TSP) capacitors that have 82uF/75V rated voltage extension and are Polymer Hermetically Sealed. The TSP series is designed with an innovative stacking construction to provide a high capacitance/voltage (CV) ratings in surface mount device (SMD) capacitors, making them suitable for use in high voltage power management applications such as buck-boost converters, filtering, hold-up capacitors, and other high ripple current applications that require a small form factor, stable performance, and long operational lifespan. 

KEMET’s KO-CAP® High Reliability Series T540, T541 and T543 are all available for stack configuration in the TSP series. When stacked, they allow design engineers to customise for capacitance, voltage and low equivalent series resistance (ESR). This feature makes the TSP series ideal for devices using Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology, including radar applications based on the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) systems. The TSP series also offers improved derating conditions and larger capacitance for ensuring a low failure rate at typical voltage levels, as well as multiple failure rate options when utilizing Series T540 and T541 in a stack configuration.

The TSP series is qualified for numerous applications, including airborne, grounded and
naval equipment where GaN radio frequency (RF) semiconductors are implemented.
Furthermore, the TSP series also supports other high power, high frequency and long-life design requirement in telecommunications and industrial applications. 

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The tantalum polymer capacitors series can be obtained via KEMET distributors.

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