Saturday, June 15, 2024

Voice-Controlled Obstacle-Avoiding Robot Using Arduino and Bluetooth

We have designed a Voice-Controlled Obstacle Avoiding Robot with the help of Arduino and can be controlled by Bluetooth Also. In short, it is...

IoT Based Electricity Energy Meter with Dashboard 

Track your electricity usage effortlessly with our non-invasive IoT energy meter. Real-time monitoring, easy setup, and safe for all electrical setups. Energy meters in homes...

Connectivity Solution For Long Vehicle Sensors

The VA700R series supports 4Gbps connections up to 40 meters, providing power and control through the cable for enhanced vehicle sensor connectivity. Valens Semiconductor has...


Innovations & Innovators

Reference Design For Secure Nebulizer

This reference design provides a comprehensive solution with advanced analog, digital, and security features, making it ideal for portable, rechargeable, and secure modern electronic...


Remote GSM-Based Control Of Audio Hotspot Devices – A Boon Or Bane

GSM-based remote-control technology is versatile, used in audio hotspot devices and air pollution monitors. However, its misuse, such as with malicious audio blasters, raises...

IP67 Chargers At The Cost Of IP20 Chargers

Founded in 2018, eCharge Mobility Pvt Ltd is an EV startup that claims to provide the most efficient chargers. eCharge Mobility initially focused on charging...

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