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How to Choose the Right Lighting Features for Your Modern Farmhouse

  Picking out the right lighting fixtures is one of the most exciting aspects of remodeling or building a house. The right features at Steel Lighting Co will set the mood and style of your home. Today, I share my knowledge and tips for selecting the right lighting for your home. Our family built a Modern Farmhouse in Hood River. The Modern Farmhouse, also known as the American Farmhouse Style, has been a very popular home design thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Both the exterior and interior of your home can be given farmhouse touches. Destination Lighting was our partner in the design and installation of our new fixtures and lights. _______________________________________________________________________ My search for lighting fixtures began with creating inspiration boards, which I printed and pin on Pinterest. Steel Lighting was my first stop for finding specific types of lighting and powder coated fixtures. I could search by type, number, color, style and budget. This was extremely helpful and helped me narrow my search. I saved my favorite lighting fixtures to my online wish list. After I had searched online, I booked an in-person meeting with Globe Lighting (one the storefronts of Destination Lighting). My online "Wish List", which I had created, was brought to my in-person meeting. I learned a lot about the different factors to consider when choosing lights during my meeting. Below are some items you might want to consider. _______________________________________________________________________ Kitchen Island Pendants _______________________________________________________________________ You will then find many options for pendant lights above your kitchen island. We chose 3 Seeded Glass Black Pendant Lighting for our kitchen island. The pendant's matte black finish was a great choice. I love the way that seeded glass hides dust. _______________________________________________________________________ We were initially torn between three or two pendants above the island. Due to the size and length of the island, we settled on three pendants. You should ensure that the lights are appropriate for the space. To finalize my decision, a piece graph paper was cut to show the kitchen island. To see how pendants would fit onto my island, I made three circles of equal size. This allowed me to visually see the number of pendants needed. _______________________________________________________________________ Dimmable lights _______________________________________________________________________ You might also consider dimmable lighting. Although it is not essential, dimming lights in certain areas can enhance the lighting and make a space feel more spacious. Dimmers are great for dimming in the morning and evening, when I don’t require or want bright lighting. Dimmers are best placed in the living, dining, kitchen, master bedrooms, and sometimes above the soaking tub in my master bathroom. You can add dimmers during construction, or later on. Make sure you get a compatible dimmer for LED lights. _______________________________________________________________________ Canned Lighting _______________________________________________________________________ It can be tempting to place recessed can lights everywhere when you first notice the cost of can lights compared to decorative fixtures. You will need to have a lot of lights to adequately light your home, especially if you use LED. For adequate lighting and to keep your budget in check, I recommend using can lights that are sparsely placed but well-placed. You may also use pendants, lamps, or chandeliers depending on the space. You will need to include the cost of canned lighting in your electrical budget if you have a lighting allowance from your builder. _______________________________________________________________________ Under Cabinet Lighting _______________________________________________________________________ Under cabinet lighting is a key element that can make a big difference in a kitchen. I love under-cabinet lighting. These lights are installed underneath your kitchen cabinets to illuminate your kitchen countertops. These lights add a warm glow to my kitchen in the evenings. It is easier to see what you're doing on your countertops when they are under cabinets than in an area that is usually covered by overhead cabinets. _______________________________________________________________________ Exterior Lighting _______________________________________________________________________ It is important to take into account your surroundings when choosing exterior lighting. If you live in a residential area, you will want lights that are directed downwards, rather than outwards. It will be appreciated by your neighbors if the light doesn't shine into their homes. Keep in mind that your exterior should be cohesive. We chose gooseneck barn lights to match the Modern Farmhouse elements. On our garage, we used 12-inch Barn Lights and the identical 8.5-inch Barn Lights right next to our front door.

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