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Main Advantages For EAS and RFID Combination

  Now TrustTag is very proud to present the concept of products with dual-frequency tags. They've been developed based on ideas and remarks that many customers have asked. We think our client will gain from this mix technology a good deal.   _______________________________________________________________________       A dual-purpose label may offer its retail clients a way of Implementing RFID tools for in-store stock visibility whilst continuing to utilize the EAS tags as a theft deterrent-without needing to use two individual tags for their merchandise.     _______________________________________________________________________     Here is how double technology will help improve your direction:   _______________________________________________________________________     Better stock management   _______________________________________________________________________       It doesn't have some of the annoying limitations with line-of-sight dependency. RFID systems are able to pick up and process label IDs automatically in the distance and, sometimes, through barriers between the label and the reader.   _______________________________________________________________________       Cost-saving   _______________________________________________________________________       Though RFID technology remains generally expensive to establish and use, RFID methods deliver their own cost advantages, such as decreased labor costs and improved efficacy. It provides better visibility and control at every step of the distribution chain. By way of instance, clothing businesses maintain large stocks that are tough to manage manually. RFID technology enables them to enhance their efficiency, reduce the time consumption and decrease human errors.   _______________________________________________________________________     Boost shopping experience   _______________________________________________________________________     RFID may also reduce wait times in the checkout too, while conventional barcodes need line of sight for scanning, and everything needs to be scanned separately, a whole shopping cart could be viewed all at once, immediately, with no objects being removed from the basket. This is actually the time-saving benefit of RFID, in which complete areas could be viewed in seconds.     _______________________________________________________________________       Durable and Recyclable   _______________________________________________________________________     The conventional RFID hangtag and tags may acquire tampered and damaged because of wear and tear. However, RFID tags are exceptionally durable and long-lasting. They don't get ruined in harsh surroundings, heat, dirt, and sand.     _______________________________________________________________________     Data Security   _______________________________________________________________________       The RFID tags have a dedicated processor with a exceptional number that can't be copied. Additionally, it reduces any odds of missed things when utilized to accumulate information on large quantities of things simultaneously thereby decreasing chances of an individual mistake. Moreover, when compared with conventional barcode and tags. RFID tags are able to store more information in memory and does not suffer from problems related to more volatile memory processors.   _______________________________________________________________________       Contact TrustTag for more information     _______________________________________________________________________     Specifications of ET-L084   _______________________________________________________________________     EAS Frequency: 58KHz   _______________________________________________________________________     RFID Frequency: 860-960 MHz   _______________________________________________________________________     Chip Type: M4QT / H4/MR6   _______________________________________________________________________   Interface Protocol: EPC Class 1 Gen2 ISO 18000-6c   _______________________________________________________________________     Dimension: 79.52mm*32.43mm*20.64mm     _______________________________________________________________________   Color: Gray / White or customized     _______________________________________________________________________   Lock: Standard / Super     _______________________________________________________________________   RFID Read Range:3-5m Packing:500pcs / carton, G.W:6.00kgs / carton, 0.037cbm

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