Electronic Tool Kits for the Pros

You might have ordered a do-it-yourself kit for a project, say, an Arduino-based Ice Tube Clock kit, which comes with everything from the vacuum fluorescent tube to the software that runs it. But to assemble the project, there are certain tools that you need to have first -- Dilin Anand


What sets this tool kit apart from the rest is the increasing use of separation between different sub-kits. You have a dedicated box for your drill components, a storage box for your electronic components, a platform for the whole screwdriver set including precision screwdrivers, and a full soldering package. The kit also has ‘luxury’ stuff like a solderiron stand with sponge, mini vacuum cleaner, holding vise, IC extractor, fuse puller and telescopic pickup tool. It’s a true all-in-one package dedicated to make your electronics tinkering easier.

RS Comprehensive Engineers Tool Kit

Part: 663-847
Availability: in.rsdelivers.com
Price: ` 120,850.86

This kit comes in a huge, hard briefcase. I don’t know why then they have listed it in the small tool kits section. It contains over a hundred pieces, so I have included only the important ones in the table. If you want to know the whole lot, visit the RS website where you can find a dedicated datasheet that lists out all the tools featured in this kit. Looking at the list, you will realise that this kit will make sure that you never have to leave your workplace to get that odd tool. The weight of the kit is not mentioned on the website, but by checking out the weights of similar kits in other countries I have arrived at an estimate of 9-11 kilograms.

Scientech Optical Fibre Connectorisation and Splice Tool Kit for Training

Part: ST2512
Availability: ScientechWorld.com
Price: Not available

For an optical joint to be perfect, the glass surfaces of both fibres should match exactly. Any mismatch or gap between the surfaces increases optical losses during transmission. Fibre preparation, fibre insertion into the connector, epoxy application, fibre cutting and surface polishing are very important aspects of the process. This Scientech kit contains all the necessary tools, consumables, connectors and cables to execute the process. The kit forms an important part of the Fibre Optic Laboratory where students learn to join optical fibres.

Deluxe Breadboard Jumper Wires Set

Availability: MakerShed.com Price: ` 350

This wire set includes 65 flexible and durable jumper wires that can be reused over and over again. Each stranded jumper wire has a moulded barrel and a 1cm stripped end. The jumper wires come in different sizes of 230 mm, 180 mm, 140 mm and 100 mm.

DSO Nano V2.0 Pocket-Sized Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Availability: MakerShed.com Price: ` 5500

DSO Nano v2.0 is designed for basic electronics engineering tasks. It runs on an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit platform, which provides basic waveform monitoring. The DSO also has a 320×240 colour LCD, microSD card storage, portable probes, LiPo battery, USB connection and signal generator. It is perfect for in-field diagnosis, quick measurement and hobbyist projects.

Note: The mentioned prices may vary with location and taxes


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