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Guide to Buying Quality Mobile Repair Tools

Tanmay Dasgupta is an Electronics hobbyist and freelance cartoonist & technical writer.

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2. Max Gold Soldering Tools:

One of the extremely popular soldering station among mobile repair technicians is Max Gold 550 micro soldering station. It is priced at Rs 302/- on Industry buying website. It is a variable wattage station having a range of 5 to 15 Watts which is pretty adequate for most mobile micro soldering applications. It offers a temperature range of 65 OC to 350 OC. The iron/pen works on 12V tip heating technology. Its input voltage is 230V/50Hz AC. It is ESD Safe by design.

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The spare 12V/15 Watt soldering iron for the above station is priced at Rs 128/- on Industry buying.

Max Technology India offers 850 SMD hot air rework station in its lineup of hot air rework stations. It is priced at Rs 3077/- on Industry buying website. It is an essential tool for working on various BGA chips as well as SMD components. The spares of this station are cheaper yet offers good quality & availability.

Another offering by Max Technology India in the category of hot air rework stations is Max 7805. It is priced at Rs 6875/- on Industry buying. It is tailor made for mobile repairing scenarios & offers hot air blower, micro soldering iron, DC power supply, battery booster, battery analyzer & voltage & ampere check with continuity buzzer. You can use it to test speaker, ringer & vibrator. It also provide the provision of charging any mobile battery without handset. Another interesting feature is that you can power up any mobile without having its battery. It’s a 7-in-1 Multi-tool for mobile repair.

Test & Measurement Tools

1.Digital DC Power Supply:

The Baku DC Power supply shown in the picture is priced at Rs 2089.05/- on Ebay India. It provides output current of 0.6 to 2 Amp. & output voltage of 1.5 to 15 Volts. It consumes about 500 Watts of power. It can be used to Hot test any mobile motherboard as well as to power up any mobile without the need for a battery. Look for built-in continuity beep test in the power supply as it is useful for performing shorting test on mobile. It is also useful in boosting an under power mobile battery.

2. Analogue DC Power Supply:

The KT APS1502AD DC Power supply shown in the picture is priced at Rs 2899/- on Amazon India. It provides an output current of 0-2A & output voltage of 0-15V. USB port is also provided for charging of mobile phones. Unlike Digital Supply, one has to read the readings of voltage & current on analogue dials on such type of power supplies. Many analogue power supplies have the provision for testing voltage.

3. Digital Multimeter (DMM):

The HTC DM86 Digital Multimeter offers great quality at affordable cost. It is priced at Rs 1250/- on Ebay India. It has a large backlit display which is easy to read. Its spares like testing cables (both testing probes & temperature test probe) are readily available & rightly priced. Mostly you use the “Continuity” setting to test for shorts or for cold testing.

4. Analogue Multimeter:

The HTC YX360 trEB is a great value for money unit. This model is priced at Rs 650/- on Ebay India. For some specific types of testing the analogue meter proves beneficial, compared to a digital one. For example, capacitors can be tested better on an analogue meter.

Screwdrivers & opening Tools:

1. Jakemy Screwdriver set:

Jakemy 8142 is a quality screwdriver set which includes most of the bit types you need for mobile repair. It is priced at Rs 2310/- on Ebay India. While purchasing a screwdriver set you should avoid buying the extremely cheaper ones as they can damage the screws of the mobile device that you are repairing. This screwdriver set comes with extension bar, an opening pick & a suction cup.

2. Individual set of screwdrivers:

It would be nice & would only improve your repairing ability if along with the screwdriver set you also have individual set of screwdrivers with bit types of T3, T4, T5, T6, philips 00, philips 000, pentalobe, torx etc. The one shown in the picture costs around Rs 2221.10/- on Amazon India.

3. Opening Picks & Pry tools:

It is priced at Rs 1010/- on Ebay India & is sold by DIY Crafts. Jakemy brand is preferable. Opening picks are used to remove the damaged or broken screen of smartphone. After heating the smartphone with a hot air gun the glue becomes loose & then picks are inserted one by one. Thus four to five opening picks are required to complete the procedure of screen removal. The pry tool is used to open the ribbon cables from the motherboard of the mobile.


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