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Guide to Buying Quality Mobile Repair Tools

Tanmay Dasgupta is an Electronics hobbyist and freelance cartoonist & technical writer.

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4. Magnetic Screw mat tool:

The DIY Crafts Jakemy magnetic screw mat tool is priced at Rs 818.10 on Ebay India. Not only it will keep things organized on your work desk but help you find different sets of screws when required. This is a must have tool for a mobile technician as each & every section of a mobile consists of a large number of screws. You can also add comments about the screw type with a marker pen on this mat.

5.Mobile Screen Opening Plier & Spudgers:

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It is priced at Rs 640/- on Amazon India. While screen opening pliers use suction method to remove screen from the housing of the mobile phone, spudgers serve as an indispensable tool for disconnecting the flexible cable connectors of displays, battery etc. The opening set pictured & mentioned here comes with 2 opening picks & 2 suction cups & 2 screwdrivers in addition to 3 spudgers & one plier.

Antistatic Tools & Wearable:

1. Antistatic Mat:

A 12X24 inch mat costs around Rs 425/- on Ebay India. Static charge present in our body or other mobile repair tools can damage the sensitive & compact SMD (Surface Mount Device) components. To avoid this we need a proper grounding method which will ground all the static charge. Grounding or antistatic mat does exactly that. It can be used either on top of the work desk or as floor mat.

2.Antistatic Wrist strap:

It is priced at Rs 175/- on Amazon India. It fits right around your wrist while its jack is connected to the ground point. It directs the static towards ground terminal which otherwise may cause damage to sensitive SMD components.

3.Antistatic Gloves:

It is priced at Rs 199/- on Amazon India. It prevents the damage to electronic components due to static charge & restricts the transfer of static to the component you are working on.

4.Antistatic Apron:

It is a unisex ESD Safe Apron that hinders transfer of static charge from the working personal to the Sensitive SMD Components. It is available for Rs 399/- on Amazon India.

5.Antistatic Cleaning Brush:

Set of 3 Antistatic cleaning brush is priced at Rs 499/- on Ebay India. Special material is used in its construction to ensure that no static builds on it while cleaning.

6.Antistatic Tweezers:

These are the most essential tools in mobile repairing scenario. It is priced at Rs 509/- on Amazon & includes 6 different types of tweezers in a single set. These are very useful for holding small SMD parts or for holding jumper wires in place while soldering. Ensure that the tweezers set you are using is an antistatic one.

Other Tools:

Under this category we will look at all the other specialty tools of mobile repair.

1. Jackly PCB Holder:

It is another useful tool which serves the purpose of holding the motherboard of mobile phone. It is priced at Rs 250/- on Ebay India.

2. Helping hand PCB Holder with Magnifier:

It is priced at Rs 710/- on Ebay India. This is another type of motherboard holder which provides the provision of holding the motherboard PCB at various angles as per the need. It also has a magnifier which is essential for working on fine SMD components.

3. Illuminated Magnifier:

If you are using a general PCB holder that doesn’t comes with a built-in magnifier then you need a stand-alone LED illuminated magnifier for viewing & working with extremely small SMD components. It is priced at Rs 1533/- on Ebay India. It has a magnification of 2X & 5X.

4.LCD Screen Separator Machine:

In some models of mobile phone you can’t remove the screens by other methods mentioned in this article. For this you need special LCD screen separator machine. The iMax model is available for Rs 10000/- on Ebay India.

5.Glue removal soldering Iron:

It is priced at Rs 1800/- on Amazon India. The tip is a 80mm t-type one. It is 60 Watt Soldering iron. It is used to remove the glue from the screen of the mobile phone. You can find it available at cheaper price in mobile repair stores of your city compared to the ones available online.

6.Baku Ultrasonic cleaner:

It is priced at Rs 2890/- on Ebay India. A liquid solution like Elma is used in it to clean the motherboard & other components of the mobile phone.

7.UV Lamp:

It is priced at Rs 5179/- on Ebay India. It has 6 LEDs. It is used for curing LOCA UV glue used in mobile repairing. This specific model works on 110V AC Input so you need a Voltage convertor which converts 110V AC to 230V AC to use it here in India.

8.SIM Card Adapter & Ejector:

It comes as a set and is priced at Rs 45/- on Ebay India.

9.Battery booster:

It is priced at Rs 343.65 on Maxbhi Website. It is used to boost charge a partially or fully drained battery. You can select the required voltage for boosting the battery by rotating the rotary switch provided.

10.Heat Gun:

You need a heat gun to melt the glue prior to removing the LCD assembly from the housing. Black & Decker KX1800 heat gun is priced at Rs 1099/- on Amazon India. It is an 1800 Watt dual temperature heat gun.

11.BGA Repair Tool Kit:

It is priced at Rs 999/- on Amazon India. Mobile phones are full of BGA (Ball Grid Array) type chips and you need BGA kit to re-ball a BGA IC. Along with this kit you either need Solder paste or solder balls to do the re-balling work efficiently.

12.Micro & Nano SIM Cutters:

Micro & nano SIM cutters are priced at Rs 229/- & 299/- respectively on Amazon India.

13.Multitec Nipper:

It is priced at Rs 120/- on Ebay India. It is useful in cutting left over jumper wires after making jumper connections by soldering.

14.Hobby Knife:

It is priced at Rs 175/- on Amazon India. It is used to cut the jumper wires in appropriate size.


While the tools are described in earlier sections we now look at the items which frequently get used up & we need to re-stock them quite often.

1.Jumper wire:

A 15-meter roll of 0.1mm enameled copper wire costs around Rs 118/- on Amazon India. It is used to establish connections between two points which got disconnected due to faults. The enamel coating in the connection area is scraped off prior to making jumper connections.

2.IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) Solution:

Cero IPA (99% pure) is priced at Rs 199/- (200 ml) on Amazon India. It is used to clean the motherboard of the mobile phone. A good quality IPA should be non-corrosive in nature.

3.Solder wire:

BT Solder wire is far superior than Chinese brand solder wires. You should use 0.5 mm/26 SWG solder wire for mobile repairing tasks. 60% Sn – 40% Pb or 63% Sn- 37% Pb can be used for best professional results. It has 5 cores of rosin flux contained within it.

4.De-soldering wick:

It is priced at Rs 90/- on Amazon India. You need de-solder wick to correct your soldering mistakes or to extract away excess solder from solder connections. It doesn’t need to be excessively costly, a cheaper inexpensive one is adequate for the job.

5.Soldering Flux:

These come in various types & quantities as shown in the pictures. The action of flux is simple. It is non-corrosive at room temperature while it becomes corrosive at soldering temperatures. Due to this nature it cleans the surfaces to be soldered.
The Max Silicon liquid flux (60 ml) is priced at Rs 46/- on Industry buying website.

The 5 pieces of flux grease (10g each) costs around Rs 199/- on Amazon India.

The high intensity rosin flux paste (50g) is priced at Rs 199/- on Ebay India.

6. Glue:

Various types of glues are available for mobile repair. Most of the small individual components inside a mobile are either held by glue or screws or both. In such a scenario you need a good quality glue to fix things up once the repair has been done.
The B7000 glue is available at Amazon India for Rs 549/-.

The UV LOCA (Liquid optical clear adhesive) glue TP-N1000 (5ml) is available at Amazon India for Rs 389/-. It requires UV Lamp for drying.

7.BGA Solder paste:

The Mechanic brand BGA solder paste (Sn63-Pb37) is priced at Rs 399/- (42g) on Ebay India. This paste is used for re-balling BGA (ball grid array) chips & should not be confused with flux paste.

8.Glue cutting wire:

Rrimin Gold Molybdenum wire (size: 0.10mm) is priced at Rs 393/- on Amazon India. It is used to cut the glue (which bonds various mobile handset parts to the housing).


There are two types of tapes which are primarily used for mobile repair.
Double sided red tape is useful in attaching display assembly to the phone housing or body. TeflonA 18mm strong acrylic clear double-sided tape (length: meters) is available for Rs 529/- on Amazon India.


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