Saturday, September 23, 2023

Guide to Buying Quality Mobile Repair Tools

Tanmay Dasgupta is an Electronics hobbyist and freelance cartoonist & technical writer.

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Conductive heat resistant tapes are used to protect the areas of the motherboard where heating is not required during either removal or soldering of an electronic component. The tape protects the areas beneath it from the hot air of rework station. It is priced at Rs 395/- on Amazon India (Width: 5cm; length: 4m).


There are basically two types of containers used to ease the task of mobile repair.

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Flux bottle comprises of a fine needle through which liquid flux is applied. A 50 ml flux bottle is priced at Rs 139/- on Ebay India. It should be ESD safe.

IPA Dispensing bottle makes the use of IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) Solution much more convenient. A 150ml bottle is priced at Rs 349/- on Ebay India. It should be ESD safe.

Software Tools

Software tools include universal flash boxes (UFS boxes) of different makes & types along with a large variety of flashing cables. Different handsets have different flashing cable requirement. So the purchase decision solely depends upon the handset under repair.

The Saras UFS Turbo box is priced at Rs 23106 on Amazon India.

The Z3X Pro Box with 30 flashing cables is priced at Rs 23447/- on Amazon India.

Points to consider

Never buy cheap Chinese tools as you would regret it sooner or later. They can even damage the phone you are repairing, beyond repair. Moreover, it could cost you your client’s confidence. Once you master the skill of mobile repair, you can earn a good income every month from it. The initial investment may seem high but returns are great in the long term.

Image Courtesy: Soldermall, Amazon India, Ebay India, Max Technology India, Maxbhi


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