EDWinXP is an integration of tools that cover all stages of electronic design process, which include schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCB design and layout, generation of PCB manufacturing and testing documentation. It also provides the users with several verification and validation tools to check the integrity and correctness of the schematic and PCB layout design. One can use this suite to produce PCBs of several kinds including flexible PCBs, RF boards and multi-layer PCBs.

One of the most notable benefits of using this tool is that you can perform reverse engineering of designs. This means, project database can be completely reconstructed using full set of artworks in Gerber ASCII format or complicated PCB Outline. This is achieved through two stages. First stage involves import of graphic elements in artworks and distribution into relevant categories. As an example, the traces are distributed to Trace Master and pads to Padstock category. Next stage of reconstruction has several steps executed in a predefined sequence.


The inclusion of IPC-355 format for PCB assembly output and IPC-356A format for bare board testing allows PCB manufacturers to verify Gerber data against the design net list. This would assist in identifying several design flaws which might have resulted in unusable PCBs.

Fast, round the clock support by the company is another major benefit of using this software. This company is based in India and works very closely with its customers. The users can even give suggestions and influence the development of this tool by participating in the active discussion forums at company’s website.


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