LTSpice IV: Ideal for SMPS Simulations


Installation and getting started

BFA_TableThis download includes fully-functional LTSpice IV, help files, over 1100 macro models for 80% of LT’s power products, numerous operational amplifiers, resistors, transistors and MOSFETs. The installation file LTSpiceIV.exe is a self-extracting gzip compressed file. Double clicking on it installs LTSpice IV in the computer as it extracts. Windows Vista users should right click on file and select ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Hundreds of demo circuits are available for download at Linear Technology website, all of which were designed and reviewed by the firm’s factory applications group.

The pre-drafted test fixtures (JIG) are used for testing models during development and provide a good starting point for draft. You can also create your own design using the schematic editor with the help of a large number of macro models of power devices provided in the software package.

The software is updated often. You can check for updates and install them by built-in menu command Tools > Sync Release. You have to close all other windows and establish an Internet connection before the update can be made.

Comments about the software and bug report can be directly mailed to [email protected] By registering with MyLinear account at, you would be able to receive free samples, literature, product updates and so on. Blogposts and video tutorials for different functions that can be done using this tool are available in the website (Design Support > Design Simulation Page > LTSpice IV > LTSpice Blog). For additional support you could also join the Yahoo group LTSpice IV and LTSpice wiki, which are not affiliated to Linear Technology.

Download latest version of the software: click here

The author is a technical correspondent at EFY


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