OpenSCAD Software for 3D Modelling


Starting a project

Starting a project in OpenSCAD is quite simple. Go to File>New to create a new project, or click on Open to start an existing .scad project. After writing the script, compile it from Design>Compile. There are many other useful options under Design. Compile and Render (CGAL) compiles the script and renders the model.

Compiling a design using OpenSCAD
Fig. 2: Compiling a design (Credit:

Design menu also contains various export options. Useful tips and documents can be accessed from Help menu. Exploring the rest of the menus will give way to more useful options.

Options under Design menu
Fig. 3: Options under Design menu (Credit: edutechwiki)

OpenSCAD can be a very handy tool to create 3D designs for personal, educational or professional purposes. Although unavailability of mouse-interactive design operations prevents an install-and-use capacity for novice users, scripting supports an easy and readable syntax, ensuring easy use for any level of user. This makes OpenSCAD a recommended software.

Download the latest version of the software.



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