Simulation of Communication Systems using IT++

Jai Sachith Paul


Protocol simulation. Various event based simulation classes, queue classes, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) clients and servers, packet generators, selective repeat automatic repeat request (ARQ ) and others have been implemented.

Source coding. IT++ allows the user to read and save different audio file formats. Images can be read and saved in Portable aNy Map (PNM). Scalar and vector quantiser classes are provided.

What users feel
Most users who reviewed the software have been using this tool for simulation of communication systems. It works comfortably with various OSes. In comparison with other competing software like Armadillo, users feels that many signal-processing tools present in IT++ are missing in competing software. IT++ uses its own binary format, but these offer a MATLAB script to read data. “I thought IT++ had a little steeper learning curve than Armadillo but it was also quite good to use and very easy to install, at least in Ubuntu, where it comes as a package,” says a user.

There are some users who are not so comfortable with this tool because of its dependencies. “Easy to install is one of my concerns since users may not be as geeky as the code writer and they may easily give up evaluating my code just because installation is not as smooth as they expected. So IT++ is ruled out by this criterion for its many dependencies,” points out a user.

Fostering research in communication
Earlier research on this software was carried out in Department of Information Theory at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. This, along with the fact that the library is coded in C++, gave the software its name.

The software has emerged over the years, finding significant applications in all areas of communication. Nowadays, the tool is even used in machine learning and for pattern recognition. Why not give it a try?

Download latest version of the software: click here

The author is an electronics enthusiast from Kerala


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