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Lighting Sector Makes Engineers Multi-Disciplinary In 2017

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Then there is marketing and sales

A key requirement expressed by reputed lighting firms in India is with respect to sales and marketing; engineers also get hired for this role based on their technical skillset. Engineers having completed Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with Marketing specialisation are also sought.

“Engineers with a penchant for technical marketing could also seek opportunities in the technical sales verticals of firms,” states a Bengaluru-based Sales Engineer who did not wish to be named.

What does it take to light up lives?

As far as academic skillsets and qualifications are concerned, a bachelor of engineering (BE) degree is paramount. Specialisations asked for, sometimes, vary based on firms. Expertise in Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) design, embedded systems, Computer Aided Design (CAD).

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Generalised skillsets and expertise include strong grip in Physics, Mathematics, to be used in tandem with effective communication. Lighting firms also seek additional skills based on the nature of the opportunity offered.

Reputed multi-national corporations (MNC) generally offer in-house training with respect to lighting elements, to engineers. However, again, this is not definitive.

Career progression and pay packages

According to Kumar Bansal, fresher engineers in the lighting domain can expect to make between ₹2-₹4 lakhs per annum. As always, experience and optimal skillsets play an important role in deciding pay structures for the future.

Career growth-wise, engineers can expect performance-based growth at a comparatively faster rate. In modern times, firms also are working at offering performance-based monetary (and non-monetary) incentives.

Light up now for a better future

Experts are of the view that time now is ripe for extensive research & development (R&D) in the field of lighting considering the penetration of technology like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and more.

“The future looks good for engineers in the lighting sector,” signs-off Parag Yadav.

With home automation in India slowly picking up, engineers in the lighting domain will have a very significant role to play in smartly lighting up peoples’ lives across the country.

Written by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY


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