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Regular Vs Correspondence MBA: Which To Select After Engineering?

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Don’t worry, even correspondence MBA is good; conditions apply

An MBA acquired through correspondence qualifies as an MBA certification. Approximately 40% of our survey respondents up-voted a correspondence MBA. However, these respondents possessed work experience of more than two years; some even close to eight years.

“MBA through correspondence is good for engineers possessing at least a couple of years of work experience,” was the general sentiment echoed in our survey.

“MBA through correspondence is preferred for those preferring to work and study at the same time, and for engineering graduates preferring not to attend regular college,” added the management professor (on anonymity).

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The professor also recommends correspondence MBA to working engineers who consider that they have slogged enough in their current jobs, and prefer to look at a rapid career progression.

Another advantage that a correspondence MBA program offers is less financial burden. Even if you are a fresher, you could opt for correspondence programs; these usually cost lesser than the conventional college programs.

Recruiters also have ‘preferences’

As per experts, the trend now has changed. Various big names (companies) prefer their employees to be regular MBA post-graduates. This is true in the case of freshers applying to jobs at the ‘reputed’ firms.

“When we hire fresh MBA post-graduates for positions, we insist on a regular two-year full-time certification; correspondence and part time post-graduates are a strict no-no in our company,” stated a recruiter at a leading multi-national company (MNC) in Bengaluru.

The verdict is clear

Our survey respondents, numbering over 150, and expert career counsellors advice fresh engineering graduates to analyse their aim properly before opting in for an MBA program. A full-time post-graduation, and its correspondence counterpart are both valuable; but the latter comes with a lot of conditions.

Inputs for the story are also through our survey respondents, check the below pie-chart:


Written by Rahul R, Senior TechnIcal Journalist at EFY


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