Top 5 Mistakes In Your Resume That Can Snatch Away Your Engineering Job

Stereo typed internet copied resumes are very cliché and are a strict no-no today


Your professional aim and objectives can also get you your dream job; dont neglect them

Ensure that the aim and objectives are in sync with the job you are applying for. Read up the job description carefully and thoroughly, and then formulate your objectives. It is also advisable to have the objectives printed at the initial part of your resume.

“The fact is that every time there is a change in your job profile, you should make that change on your resumes immediately”, advises Joseph. In this regard, take care of even minor things, while sending don’t be in a hurry. Revise your resumes accordingly.

Don’t ever over-rate yourself in the resume

Experts have rated over-rating of achievements as accounting for nearly 75% of rejections. Remember that top recruiters ask questions based on achievements. Over representation of these will make it difficult for you to answer tricky questions thereby making you look incompetent.

“In fact, we have a strict policy to filter candidates by targeting their achievements, and framing questions around these. For engineers, it is best to offer precise details regarding their projects (worked on), any diversion could lead to deduction in points”, stated the senior TCS recruiter (on anonymity).

There are other mistakes in the list as well

Seasoned recruiters believe that even the length and machine-readability of resumes matter when it comes to selecting candidates and filtering them out. Machine readability is especially applicable to senior professionals; most of the top engineering companies today have an automated online digital process to obtain candidate resumes/profiles. Usage of right keywords (could be skillsets, designation, work area, and more) could potentially lead to resumes getting detected on priority.

Size matters

Purnima advises job-seekers to limit their resume to a maximum of two pages. “A resume exceeding two pages could give jitters to even experienced recruiters”, adds Priyaa.  Hence, always tone down your resume by eliminating all unnecessary info. Evaluate yourself perfectly.


  1. I know most of the freshers make mistakes at start of their career but Some extent of mistakes are okay, but be careful about terrible blunders at the start of your career and you have provided us some wiser tips to avoid these mistakes, so thanks a lot for this wonderful article, going to save this for sure.


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