Best Online Stores for Robot Makers

With the growing number of robotics enthusiasts & makers in India, the number & chains of online stores dealing in robotics are also expanding. Here I try to shed some light...

Best Flight Controllers To Help Design Your Own Drones

Drones can be made powerful, faster and affordable by choosing the best flight controllers that enhance the ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) and the various connected sensors such as gyro sensors and...

How to Select GaN Products for High Power Applications

Wide Bandgap – The material of the future? Managing and using power efficiently is one of the challenges of modern times. Power is a common theme in almost every electronic design and...

Air Purifier Buyer’s Guide 2018 | Video Tutorial In Hindi

In this video, the presenter will give you a detailed information about Air Purifier like Features, benefits, technologies that will help you buy the right Air Purifier for your home or...

Innovative Components for LED Lighting Systems

Business has two basic functions, namely, marketing and innovation. A general shift to light emitting diode (LED) lighting across markets is expected to drive the LED industry to the point where...

How To Select Potentiometric Position Sensor

Position sensors are considered to be a large family with many different types of sensors, however each sensor in this family is unique with respect to the principle on which it...

Selecting An Electric Motor And Drive System

Electric motors and drives are important components of industrial automation. Their selection therefore is an important step in the process of building an automated system. You as a buyer must know...

Chip Talk Electronics Components based DIY Kit From KitsNspares

When you google around or search in Amazon you will find a lot of electronics components based kits at competitive and quite surprising prices. Yes, I am talking about those ₹ 500/-...

Now Create Your Own Low-Cost Fitness Wearables

Tiny yet powerful, these boards are some of the best for designing wearables for fitness monitoring    In this hectic lifestyle, we take all measures to stay healthy. To keep track of our...
distribute control a key enabler for smart industry

Distributed Control – A Key Enabler for Smart Industry

The basic concepts behind Smart Industry is making manufacturing more efficient, more intelligent and aware, and more connected. In order to enable these concepts, there are a wealth of development efforts...

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