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control simulation and design

Escape Into The Fascinating World Of Control Simulation And Design

MPLAB X IDE MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE) is a must-have open source software program. It is based on NetBeans IDE from Oracle. This software consists of the most recent advancements,...

Create PostScript And Netlist Using XCircuit

With so many design tools and features, it is really difficult to identify which design tool to select without knowing about its features, working ability and advantages. Above all, the most...

How Application-Specific Development Boards Help Designers

Using development boards to design a device makes the job simpler. While selecting the board, go for one that requires minimum changes for your application. However, for intense applications, something a...

Proview SCADA: The first Open Source SCADA Software

Proview SCADA is a powerful software for sequential control, supervision and data acquisition. Claimed to be the first open source SCADA software, it has been accepted globally. SSAB Oxelösund, the leading...

eSim for Circuit Design, Simulation, Analysis and PCB Design

In this article we take a look at eSim, a powerful open source software for integrated electronic design applications including circuit design, simulation, analysis and PCB design. The software is built...

Logic Friday For Combinatorial Digital Logic Design

Digital electronics rarely leaves you, no matter where you go. Right from the small register in your controller to the multiplexer that routes the signals in your circuit, it is present...

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator: A Free Mixed Signal Electronic Circuit Simulator

Being a free electronic circuit simulator, this is an efficient tool for an electronics engineer to simulate analogue and digital systems as well as analyse their system behaviour. Jai Sachith Paul Circuit simulation...

Livewire: Wire Together, Make Your Circuit Live

A review on terms Livewire as “a sophisticated electronic circuit board design and simulation software.” Stephen Smith, a user from the UK says, “I am currently using Livewire during my...
ceiling fan

Ten Five-Star Brands Tested Ceiling Fans: All Energy-Efficient But Air Delivery Mostly Below Par

In India, ceiling fans are the largest end-use appliance in the residential sector. For so many of us from before the ‘coolers and air conditioners’ era, the ceiling fan was as...
DC motor speed control

LDR Based DC Motor Speed Control

A light-dependent resistor (LDR) whose resistance is inversely proportional to the intensity of light is often used as a sensor in electronic projects that involve the use of light. This LDR...

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