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Detailed reviews and guides on how to go about buying various equipment, tools, software and the like!

Capturing Concepts With 3D Scanning And Modelling

Today, aesthetics play pivotal role as a key product differentiator. 3D scanning and modelling provides designers with a shorter and smarter way to create newer concepts. Next-generation 3D laser scanners showcase...

Selecting the Right Wireless Module

There has been a significantly increased interest in the wireless and radio frequency (RF) modules in research as well as industry, feel industry experts. Alok Jain, co-founder,, says, “It is...

From 50MHz to 100GHz, Bench-Top to Wristwatch Oscilloscopes Have Come a Long Way

In this story, we explore the latest features and kinds of oscilloscopes that play an integral role in effectively testing designs today. We also learn how new technologies in oscilloscopes are...

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