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gSpiceUI: Simulation Program With IC Emphasis

Tech geeks world over are most comfortable working at the back-end, creating hacks and tricks all the time. Like a field to a football player, they relish in the words put...
Frizing PCB view

Fritzing: Design Your PCBs with Ease

Fritzing is a CAD software that lets users design as well as simulate. It helps users to build connections between the components and the PCB. This is the basic concept which...
Ease Your Numerical Analysis with Octave 4.2.1

Ease Your Numerical Analysis with Octave 4.2.1

To calculate the area of a circle, you can follow the simple formula of πr2 (where ‘r’ is the radius of the circle). But, calculating the mathematical value of ‘π’ beyond...

goJTAG, a JTAG/Boundary Scan Tool

Wide adoption of standardised IEEE 1149.x test methods has called for the independent and non-commercial platform-based tools for JTAG test principles. goJTAG is a JTAG/boundary scan tool which offers a clear...

Simulate Your PIC Microcontroller Using gpsim

In this article, we explore the features and advantages of gpsim by analysing the step-by-step procedure to simulate PIC microcontroller using this tool. Sneha Ambastha gpsim is a free software simulation tool for...

nano-archimedes: A GNU Package for Nano-World Simulations

In this article we will talk about nano-archimedes, yet another technology computer aided design (TCAD) software. The tool is based on Wigner equation, a convenient formulation of quantum mechanics in terms...

KTechlab: An Integrated Development Environment

KTechlab presents an integrated environment for electronic design and automation (EDA) tasks. It is considered to be an educational tool to design and simulate circuits related to PIC microcontrollers and other...
BRL-CAD interface

Creating solid geometry using BRL-CAD

Anything that happens in real time is easier to conceptualise. This can be well illustrated by 3D games where users find simulation adventurous. It is the thrill of real-time effects that...

Phenomenal Electronic Design Software To Impress The Engineer In You

Xcos Distributed along Scilab, Xcos is a tool used to model and simulate hybrid dynamic systems. The user can model discrete as well as continuous, causal as well as acausal models on...

FreePCB Editor to Edit and Layout PCBs

Most free or low-cost PCB editors are either limited by pin and layer limits, or have bugs that make them difficult to use. So we have found a better one for...

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