Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Companies Don’t Innovate; People Do

When you are hiring people, some characteristics are useful for particular roles and not for others. Knowing what to look for besides just the hard and soft skills is very important....

Five R’s For The Future Of Mobility: Reimagine, Refocus, Reskill, Rebuild, Reuse

The EV sector in India is seeing massive investments rolling in, given the surge in demand for it. Here’s how we can prepare for the disruption in the automotive sector, and...

High-Speed Innovation With Distributed Leadership

It is uncommon, rather impossible, that one person has all the skills and talent to create success. Chances of success often increase with diverse perspectives and expertise of many. But the...

Why Hiring 3 Engineers Is A Lot Harder Than Hiring 300?

India has among the largest IT workforce globally, and hires several hundreds of thousands of engineers annually. India graduates millions of students, which is among the highest number of "qualified" engineers...

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