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smart pressure system

Alert System For High and Low Air Pressures

Maintenance of fluid pressure is critical in factories. While high fluid pressure can result in the bursting of pipes, low fluid pressure can create irregular fluid storage and transportation. Having a...
Talking LED Alarm Clock Using TM1637 LED Module

Talking LED Alarm Clock Using TM1637 LED Module

Every microcontroller project needs a display. An LCD display with one or two rows for characters is a good choice but it needs several wire connections to make it work. There...

RoboSanta Chocolate Distribution System

A cool device that can recognise you, greet you while playing the song “jingle bells” and distribute chocolates. We are now in Christmas week and many of you would have started planning...
for Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispensing System

Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispensing System

Hand sanitisation is important to stop spreading Covid-19 and other transmissible diseases. Even touching the container spout is unhygienic, so it is better to deploy an auto-dispenser to sanitise your hands...
Milli-Ohm Meter circuit

Milli-Ohm Meter With 0.1 To 1-Ohm Range

Most shunt resistors have values below one ohm. Such low values of resistances cannot be measured reliably due to range and resolution limitation of the measurement devices. These are usually measured...

Study Of Rectified Waveforms Using Arduino Uno

This project can be used in the laboratories of industrial training institutes (ITIs), polytechnics, and engineering colleges to study the half-wave and full-wave rectifier waveforms using an Arduino Uno. While electrical...

Smart Whistle Counter for Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is a very common utensil in almost all Indian households, keeping track of how many whistles have been blown to know when to switch off the gas stove is...
The Standalone Logic Analyzer That Needs No Laptop

The Standalone Logic Analyzer That Needs No Laptop

The most essential tool for engineers is a logic analyzer, which they operate using a laptop or PC to show the results. A stand-alone analyzer with a display can cost you...
ISS Lamp

An LED Globe That Blinks When ISS Passes Overhead

If you are a space enthusiast and like to look at the stars, chances are you are already familiar with the ISS. The ISS, or International Space Station, revolves around the...
Touchless Doorbell That Rings Only When Hand Is Sanitised

Touchless Doorbell That Rings Only When Hand Is Sanitised

Touching of a doorbell switch by different people can spread coronavirus and many other communicable diseases from one person to the others. So, protection from such diseases at the entrance doorbell...

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