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Helpful projects related to the open-source platform called Arduino for electronics enthusiasts.

smart pressure system

Alert System For High and Low Air Pressures

Maintenance of fluid pressure is critical in factories. While high fluid pressure can result in the bursting of pipes, low fluid pressure can create irregular fluid storage and transportation. Having a...

Automatic School Bell That Also Announces Alert Messages

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, and could affect school-going children as well, the importance of smart devices has increased. This automatic school bell announces a recorded coronavirus alert after every school...

DIY: A Robot That Can Dream!

“More intelligent than you think.” A first-of-its-kind robot that can recognize face and see dreams - like a human. We humans have the capability to speak, recognise feelings and emotions, and even see...
Dry soil status

Bluetooth Controlled Data Logger Robot For Soil Testing

This robot can be controlled with a smartphone using Bluetooth through an Android app. Its three sensors can measure four parameters: temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and ambient light intensity in greenhouses,...

Study Of Rectified Waveforms Using Arduino Uno

This project can be used in the laboratories of industrial training institutes (ITIs), polytechnics, and engineering colleges to study the half-wave and full-wave rectifier waveforms using an Arduino Uno. While electrical...

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