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Arduino DIYs

Helpful projects related to the open-source platform called Arduino for electronics enthusiasts.

Real-Time Clock With Temperature Display Using Arduino

Arduino Based Real-Time Clock With Temperature Display

This project demonstrates how you can build a real-time clock (RTC) with a temperature display using Arduino, DS3231 RTC chip, and SSD1306 OLED display (128×64 pixel). DS3231 RTC chip is more accurate...

COVID-19 Fencing System & Contact Traceability

COVID-19 is a highly infectious and easily contractable virus that can become extremely hard to control once it begins to spread. Social isolation/distancing is one of the most important and effective...

Tricolour LED Nameplate With Arduino

Nameplates are generally made of wood, acrylic sheet, or a metal and fixed on a wall or kept on desk. The author’s prototype of an acrylic nameplate that can display the...

Smart Jacket For Social Distancing

This smart social distancing jacket comes with a smart inbuilt alarm, hinting people around you to maintain distance in crowded places like malls, offices, schools, colleges, and hospitals. Here is its...
Wireless Caller ID

Wireless Caller ID Display for Bikers

This simple telephone caller identification display can be very useful for bikers. While riding a bike or any two-wheeler, the cellphone is usually kept in a pocket. When you receive a...
Authors’ prototype of robotic car

Wireless Control of Robotic Car Through MATLAB GUI

This project presents the implementation of a MATLAB graphical user interface (GUI)-based approach to wirelessly control the movement of a robotic car. Commands to move the car in forward, reverse, right...
Smart Light Circuit

Make Your Own Smart Light

Most textile retail stores have trial/changing rooms for customers to try on new clothes before buying them. These rooms are illuminated all day long, irrespective of whether these are being used...
low cost drone

Low Cost Drone Powered by ESP32 CAM

A low cost drone equipped with a camera opens up many new possibilities with respect to their applications such as crop monitoring, video surveillance and recording, and many more. However, such...

Voice and Google Assistant Control Universal Remote For TV And AC

We all have televisions in our homes, whether it is a slim smart TV or a large CRT-based TV. And they require a set top box for obtaining different television channels....

Water Turbidity Meter

Water turbidity is an important factor for maintaining the clearness of water in different places such as ponds and lakes. It is also required for monitoring water sewage treatment systems, washing...

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