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Make Your Own Breadboard Switch-Mode Power Supply

Some breadboard power supplies have adjustable voltage linear regulators to control the required output voltages. Efficiency of the linear regulators decrease as output power increases. Presented here is a circuit that uses...
Solar Light circuit

Garden Solar Light

Most houses have backyard gardens or some open areas. Installing a garden light there provides visibility at night. But there can be problems in its installation since the wiring may hamper...
a linear timer circuit

Linear Timer For General Use

This simple linear timer can be used to control any electrical appliance that needs to be switched off after a certain time, like a small heater or a boiler, provided the...

Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

We the humans can hear sound of up to 20kHz frequency only. This proximity detector works at a frequency of 40 kHz. It uses two specially made ultrasonic transducers: One transducer...
Fig. 3: Schematic Circuit diagram of the laser light security alarm system

Laser Light Security Alarm

The aim of this article to make a laser light security alarm and it can also be used as a home security system. The essence of this project is that anyone...
battery guard project

SMF Battery Guard

The emergency light is an automatic system in which a rechargeable battery-operated light source turns on as soon as the mains power fails. When the mains supply resumes, the lamp turns...

LED Illumination for Refrigerators

The incandescent lamp provided inside the refrigerators glows whenever we open the door. It suffers from several disadvantages like: 1. Being a single light source, located in the upper corner, light does...

DIY: Make Your Own Nifty Night Lamp

This simple circuit can be used to light a small area at night. It is useful as a nifty bedroom night lamp, but it can also be used for other applications....
Audible Continuity Tester

Audible Continuity Tester

Here is a pretty simple, low-cost audible continuity tester that makes use of just one quad comparator IC LM339, some resistors and a piezobuzzer. The circuit including the comparator works off a single 9V battery.

Metal Detector Circuit Using Difference Resonator

Described here is a simple metal detector circuit that can detect metallic conductors in its vicinity up to a range of 25 to 30 millimetres. Concealed metallic objects such as metal...

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