Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Smart Home Controller Prototype

Build This IoT-Based Smart Home Controller Using Blynk

Presented here is an Internet of Things (IoT)-based controller for a smart home. This project can be used to control any four home electrical appliances such as lights, fans, air-conditioners and...
transformerless power supply

Transformerless Power Supply

One of the major challenges during a circuit design is to generate low-voltage DC from AC to power the circuit. There are many methods to convert AC voltage into DC. The...
Photodiode Based Fire Detector

Photodiode Based Fire Detector

This ultra-sensitive photodiode based fire detector protects your electronic devices like computer and television set. It uses a photodiode as the fire sensor and sounds an alarm immediately on sensing a...

Bench Power Supply Using a Computer’s Power Supply

A good bench power supply is the most vital equipment for electronics engineers and hobbyists. However, bench power supplies used in R&D labs are costly. Output rating is also a major...
anti theft alarm

Anti-Theft Alarm

You can use this anti theft alarm circuit to thwart burglary. It sounds an alarm when someone tries to intrude into your home or office by hitting, pushing or knocking the...

Car Reverse Horn

This car reverse horn can be used with any vehicle having a 12V battery. Transistors T2 and T3 form an astable multivibrator (AMV) that generates beeping tone signals. Medium-power pnp transistor...

Low Resistance Continuity Tester

Continuity testing is the act of testing the resistance between two points. If there is very low resistance (less than a few Ωs), the two points are connected electrically, and a...
Circuit diagram for accidental switching protection

Accidental Switch On And Switch Off Protection Using Delay

The accidental pressing of the on/off switch due to human error may cause the failure of the system it is connected to, or cause unnecessary delay to a part of the...

Automatic Hand-Wash Timer

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, people need to wash their hands with soap and water at least for 20 seconds to get rid of any virus. Although you...
Smart Hearing Aid

Smart Hearing Aid

Normally, hearing aid circuits consume battery power continuously once they are switched on. The smart hearing aid circuit given here saves battery power by switching on the sound amplifier section only...

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