Wednesday, May 18, 2022

DIY Projects with Video Tutorials

Here are some of the interesting DIY projects from Electronics For You with short video tutorials demonstrating how to implement them.

Hector Slam Mapping and Indoor Positioning ROBOT with ROS and Lidar

While various GPS-based maps facilitate autonomous robots and vehicles for accurate positioning when outdoors, they are unable to do the same indoors. Robots tasked with things like moving packets in a...
Face Following Smart Camera

Face Following Smart Camera For Video Shooting

Video shooting is used in many areas now but when you talk about the video shoot capturing the movement of face or object in real-time response is very difficult for the...

360 Degree Lidar Based Security System Range Upto 8m

Maintaining security in restricted areas is quite difficult if we go for long-range solutions (in metres) since security systems with PIR-based motion have a limited range of sensing and are not...

RFID-Based Automatic Management System

Managing the number of books present in a library or warehouse maintenance of several items is quite laborious and time-consuming. So for today’s project, we will be making a device that can...

IoT Mesh Network Agriculture System

Watering various herbs, shrubs, crops and indoor decor plants at the right time with the right amount of water is essential for their productivity and growth, though care needs to be...

First Animal/Bird Language Translator Device

Enabling you to talk with nature. All living beings, be they flora or fauna, have a unique way of communicating and expressing their emotions using various sounds and signals. We, humans, are...

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