DIY Projects with Video Tutorials

Here are some of the interesting DIY projects from Electronics For You with short video tutorials demonstrating how to implement them.

Smart Glasses With Facial Recognition

New Facial Recognition Smart Glasses For Visually Challenged Person

In this project, we will be making a prototype of a smart eyeglass that can help a visually challenged person to recognize the person in front of him and learn about...

Mask Checking Camera For Covid

Wearing a face mask is an important safety measure in today's scenario since the outbreak of coronavirus disease, which is airborne. It is necessary to properly cover the nose and mouth...
Author Prototype of Smart Attendance System

RFID And Face Recognition-Based Smart Attendance System

Every organisation needs an attendance system to obtain data about its working hours and also keep track of its employee’s punch in and out times. With state-of-the-art technology, this is becoming...

Accelerometer based Wireless 3D Air Mouse With Arduino

We have seen different types of Human Interface Devices (HIDs), for example mouse and keyboard. In older versions of computer mouse, optical sensors were used to detect movement relative to a...

Contactless UI Control For Lifts

Lifts/elevators in buildings, hotels and hospitals are used by many people. If it’s a structure with over more than 100 floors, then using stairs is not a convenient option, especially for...

3 – Step Authentication With Face Recognition Smart Lock For Car

At some point, we all must have have come across news of car theft, be it in the television/newspaper or in the neighborhood. It might have occurred with some of us...

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