1001+ Electronics Projects For You

Here are Electronics For You's tested electronics engineering project ideas and embedded mini electronics projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and a lot more. These projects are for beginners, hobbyists & electronics enthusiasts. The mini projects are designed to be very helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own embedded system designs and circuits. The projects are also compiled from time to time to provide a single destination for project junkies. Let us know how you feel about the content and anything you would like us to cover in the future. We hope you enjoy the electronics engineering project ideas on this page!

Multicolour Curtain Backlights

This circuit comprises two parts: a string of 5mm high-intensity white LEDs connected in series and the circuit wired around. IC CD4060 with an inbuilt oscillator. The IC is wired such...


This circuit reminds you of all the important tasks that are due on a specific day every week. So be it returning your library book, switching on your favourite TV programme,...

Simple Alert Timer

This timer is a useful device for people who often forget to turn off devices in time. Suppose you want to boil water in your electric kettle or cook something on...

Low Cost Drone Powered by ESP32 CAM

A drone equipped with a camera opens up many new possibilities with respect to their applications such as crop monitoring, video surveillance and recording, and many more. However, such drones come...

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Create A GUI Program For Raspberry Pi And Arduino

Author prototype of Setting up Arduino as a slave device
This article describes the procedure to set up Arduino as a slave device, which gets all control...

Top 20 MATLAB Project Ideas

Millions of engineers and scientists worldwide use MATLAB to analyze and design the systems and products transforming...

Gain and Noise Calculations of Cascaded Systems Using MATLAB

Block diagram of cascaded system for Noise Calculation caluclator
Parameters like noise, signal-to-noise ratio and gain play an important role in the performance of communication systems....


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