Tuesday, January 18, 2022

1001+ Electronics Projects For You

Here are Electronics For You’s tested electronics engineering project ideas and embedded mini electronics projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and a lot more. These projects are for beginners, hobbyists & electronics enthusiasts. The mini projects are designed to be very helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own embedded system designs and circuits. The projects are also compiled from time to time to provide a single destination for project junkies. 2-3 projects are added every week. Let us know how you feel about the content and anything you would like us to cover in the future. We hope you enjoy the electronics engineering project ideas on this page!

Smart Radar System For High Velocity Measurement and Detection

Smart Radar System For High Velocity Measurement and Detection

Detecting the velocity of vehicles and objects is often needed for research and data collection purposes or for setting speed limits on roads and highways to avoid accidents. For such tasks,...

Nonstandard GPS Receiver Using ESP32

Sometimes things do not fall in place and we curse ourselves for taking the wrong turn or making the wrong choice. But in P.B. Shelly’s words, when the realisation later dawns...

Voice Activated Home Automation System For Bedridden Patients

This project can make life easier for bedridden patients and older people as their voice command can trigger the control section that adjusts their bed’s position. It can even control home...

GSR Based Lie Detector Device

Speaking the truth is crucial for reaching an amicable conclusion in law courts and several other scenarios related to receiving justice. But not everyone opts to speak the truth at all...

Auto Water Dispenser For Pets

A pet is loved like a baby in a family and needs lots of attention and care. But sometimes due to our busy schedule, we forget to take care of the...
Raspberry Pi Laptop

Homemade Laptop Using Raspberry Pi

The laptop has now become one of the must-have items everyone should own. Today different varieties of laptops are available in the market, with different price tags. You will be amazed to...
Portable Voltmeter

Finger-Sized Portable Voltmeter

From electronics/electrical engineers to product developers, one device that is essential for electrical testing needs is the voltmeter and if you are an electronics DIYer or hobbyist, a voltmeter is such...
Transmitter circuit for Typical Remote Controlled toy car

Remote Controlled Toy Car Demystified

A remote controlled (RC) car has two small DC motors with tiny gear boxes, one to spin the rear wheels and the other to steer the front wheels. Communication between the...
Christmas Tree

Electronically Breathing Christmas Tree

Covered in lights, this smart electronic tree breathes like you do and makes your Christmas look awesome. We are now in Christmas week and many of you would have started planning for...

10 Million Colours-in-One: Amazing IoT Light For Christmas Decorations

The smart IoT RGB lighting system makes your Christmas celebrations look awesome by radiating millions of colour combinations that are wirelessly controlled We are now in Christmas week and many of you...

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