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1500+ Electronics Projects For You

Here are Electronics For You’s tested electronics engineering project ideas and embedded mini electronics projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a lot more. These projects are for beginners, hobbyists & electronics enthusiasts. The mini-projects are designed to be very helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own embedded system designs and circuits. The projects are also compiled from time to time to provide a single destination for project junkies. 2-3 projects are added every week. Let us know how you feel about the content and anything you would like us to cover in the future. We hope you enjoy the electronics engineering project ideas on this page!

LED Dot-Matrix ScroLLing DiSpLay

LED Dot-Matrix Scrolling Display Using STM32 Controller

This project aims to display the information entered in a mobile phone on an LED dot-matrix type scrolling display. It is done by interfacing a Bluetooth HC-05 module to an LED...
The dreaming robot

A Robot That Can Dream, Recognise And Greet Visitors

A first-of-its-kind robot that can recognise a human face and see dreams—like a human—can now be yours! Interested? We humans can speak, recognise feelings and emotions, and even see dreams, which makes...
Front side of the motion sensor

Motion Activated Tap Water Flow Circuit

Almost all restaurants have handwash sink for the use of their customers. Since it is used by numerous people, the tap stops working properly after some time and starts leaking, leading...
Author’s prototype tested on a breadboard

Automatic Streetlight Circuit

Often streetlights remain on till late in the morning and are not switched on as soon as it gets dark. This circuit will automatically turn off a streetlight at dawn every...
Author’s prototype with screen showing distance of the object and the scanning angle

Object Detection Using Lidar Module

Radio detection and ranging (radar) systems detect the presence and distance of objects using radio frequencies. The distance of an obstacle is calculated from the time taken for the radio waves...

Smart Google Glasses With Transparent OLED Display

Recently, Google Glass was launched. It looks similar to ordinary glasses, but it consists of special transparent glass. This special transparent glass gives you the UI and works like a smartphone...
The Standalone Logic Analyzer That Needs No Laptop

The Standalone Logic Analyzer That Needs No Laptop

The most essential tool for engineers is a logic analyzer, which they operate using a laptop or PC to show the results. A stand-alone analyzer with a display can cost you...

Electronics: A Genteel Version Of Electricity!

I always wondered how to explain to a layman the difference between 'Electricity' and 'Electronics'. Well, I tried to explain to them on a lighter note that 'Electricity' is a wild...
Weather Station

Weather Station Using STM32

This is a simple “Weather Station using STM32 with ThingSpeak IoT” powered by STM32 ARM Cortex (Blue Pill), this system detects environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and Soil Moisture. DHT11...

GPS Location-Based Alarm

Have you ever gone out to run errands and ended up forgetting any major ones?  Many times we create a list for shopping or plan to do something like shopping and any...

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