Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Seven-Colour LED Lighting

Presented here is a simple circuit that uses six red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs to generate a running-light effect in seven colours—blue, green, red, cyan, yellow, magenta and white. The...
electronics ignition system for old cars

Electronic Ignition System for Old Cars

In older carbureted cars, the contact breaker (CB) point ignition system is used to fire the spark plugs. You can convert the ignition system of your car from CB-point-cum-condenser type into...
Audio Distribution Amplifier

Simple Low-Noise Audio Distribution Amplifier

This article describes a low-cost low noise audio distribution amplifier based on hybrid or mixed technology. Input to the amplifier is from low-noise, high-gain npn transistor. Output buffers are implemented with voltage...
Program Arduino using ArduinoDroid

Program Arduino With Your Android Device

As you may already know, using a USB OTG (on-the-go) adaptor, you can connect pen drives, game controllers, etc to your Android device. This adaptor can also be used to power...

Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan

Here is a circuit through which the speed of a fan can be linearly controlled automatically, depending on the room temperature. This temperature controlled fan circuit is highly efficient as it...
single-side PCB for the brushless DC motor driver

Brushless DC Motor Driver

Use of brushless DC motors (BLDCs) is on the rise. But their control usually requires rotor position information for selecting the appropriate commutation angle. Normally, a Hall Effect sensor is used...
ball speed checker circuit

Ball Speed Checker

This ball speed checker circuit measures the speed of a cricket ball based on the time taken by the ball to travel the distance from the bowling crease to the batting...
Circuit diagram of device control with authentication

Control With Authentication For Up To Four Devices

This circuit can be used to control up to four electrical devices through a cellphone or computer. The main advantage is that you can login from anywhere to control the device(s)....
Circuit diagram of the simple DC to DC converter for the MCU kit

Simple DC To DC Converter For Microcontroller Kit

This article describes a simple, low-cost DC to DC converter for a microcontroller (MCU) kit. This converter is built around popular NE555 timer. It can provide positive and negative output voltages...
Social Distancing Alarm

Social Distancing Alarm Cap

Here is an Arduino based social distancing alarm cap meant for Covid-19 pandemic or similar disease outbreak. Maintaining the right gap for social or physical distancing is not always feasible. When...

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