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Free electronics projects, circuit diagrams and software codes available for students and hobbyists. Complete instructions on DIY electronic devices also available. These projects have been tested by EFY and are available with source codes. These are helpful with understanding concepts of electronics including basic components. The projects are designed to be helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own designs and circuits. The projects are also compiled from time to time to provide a single destination for project junkies. Let us know how you feel about the content and any thing you would like us to cover in the future. We hope you enjoy the content on this page!

555 timer circuits

Awesome 555 Timer IC Projects

The 555 timer IC is used in a variety of timer, pulse generation and oscillator applications. It can be used to provide time delays, as oscillators and as flip-flop elements. The...
Industrial Automation System

Make This Joystick-Controlled Industrial Automation System

This project can be used to control up to four industrial electrical appliances with the help of a joystick and an Arduino Nano board. The block diagram of the joystick-controlled industrial...

Bluetooth Based Smart Public Announcement Board

We are all familiar with how notice boards in schools, offices, colleges and railway platforms look like. But have you ever wondered how they work and how you can make such...

Build Your Own Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

Here is a simple hi-fi audio stereo power amplifier based on TDA2616 IC. This amplifier works on two 12V batteries or one ±12V AC/DC adaptor. The circuit can deliver 2x12-watt output...
humidity sensor

Humidity Sensor: Basics, Usage, Parameters and Applications

Sometimes, after rains, the air feels moist. The water seems to have suspended in the air. However, in certain AC’s you click some buttons and the atmosphere brightens up. How and...
dusk-dawn controller circuit diagram

Electronics Projects: Low-Cost Dusk-Dawn Controller

Solar streetlights can be easily integrated with a dusk-dawn controller by simply employing a pnp transistor and a few resistors where the solar panel itself works as the sensor. But what...
12V battery charger circuit

12V Battery Absorb and Float Charger

Most battery chargers stop charging the battery when it attains its maximum charging voltage set by the circuit. This 12V battery charger circuit charges the battery at a particular voltage, that...

How To Minimise Electromagnetic Interference And Improve Compatibility In Medical Devices

This article talks about methods to improve EMI and EMC in medical devices. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of a device means that it is compatible with its electromagnetic environment and does not emit...
home automation using android app project

Home Automation System Using a Simple Android App

Nowadays, people have smartphones with them all the time. So it makes sense to use these to control home appliances. Presented here is a home automation system using a simple Android...
line follower robot

Automated Line Follower Robot

A line follower robot with pick-and-placement capabilities is commonly used in manufacturing plants. These move on a specified path to pick the components from specified locations and place them on desired...

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Monitor Live Temperature Through IoT-Based System Using IBM Bluemix

Presented here is an Internet of Things (IoT)-based temperature monitoring system using IBM Bluemix cloud platform and...

Time For a Break

Break Timer Software Program
This is a computer based Break Timer program to remind you to take regular breaks while working...

Image Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform Technique

Compression process in mobile using WhatsApp
Presented here is a MATLAB-based program for image compression using discrete cosine transform technique. It works for...


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