Friday, January 21, 2022

Community Projects

Projects published below, have NOT been tested at Electronics For You Labs. But, that does not mean that they don’t work.

We invite YOU to try and test them, and share your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

We will be happy to recognise the good ones via Certificate of Recognition and a Surprise Gift, on a weekly basis….

Indoor Positioning Using Shoe-Mounted Sensors

Can we play Pokémon Go when we are inside a room or do we have to go outside every time? Why we always have to go outdoors to play Pokémon Go?...

Tiny Wi-Fi Switch for $3

Out of curiosity, I ordered the tiny ESP8266 relay switch from but never knew it could be so embarrassing to find the right way to operate. The vendor said that...

Auto Power Switching Mains, Solar Inverter or Generator

This project is based on the AEIOU heuristic framework of Design Engineering Approach. Design for Performance, Safety and Reliability is ensured in terms of switching module. Design for Ergonomics and Aesthetics is ensured...

Simple Universal AC Or DC Amplifier with OPA452/OPA453 And Transistors

Introduction During the experiments with loudspeakers, systems with loudspeakers, transformers, public announcement systems, audio distribution lines and amplifies, etc, we are in need of audio amplifier capable of providing more than 60Vpp...
Wi-Fi controlled robot

Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Using Arduino UNO And Blynk

This Wi-Fi controlled robot can be controlled from anywhere using the ARMA IoT shield for UNO and the Blynk App which provides the user interface. Overview Simple WiFi Controlled Robot Using ARMA IoT...
Magnet Operated Toggle Switch

Magnet Operated Toggle Switch

When the author decided to develop a magnet operated toggle switch, what he had had in mind was an ‘unorthodox’ design that was as simple and sensitive as possible. Admit it,...

How to Construct a Gradual ON and OFF Bulb

This circuit can be used for making a beautiful light for your Christmas star or Diwali lanterns for your festive evening. The speciality of this light is that its brightness increases gradually...

Multi Channel Hardware Driver for Embedded Systems

The real world embedded systems are controlling DC motors, stepper motors, electromagnetic relays, incandescent lamps, powerful LEDs, displays, inductors, transformers, long cables, etc. On the market we can find large variety of...
Weather Forecasting System

Weather Forecasting on ESP32

In any power utility corporation ash dyke management is a huge issue. For fugitive dust control huge sprinklers that spray water all along the dry portion of the dyke are used...
connected message output

Connected Message Lamps using ESP8266 | IoT Projects

It is not just another Engraved LED lamp that you see on the market nowadays. This is an advanced version of that lamps. In the era of connected devices, I have...

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