Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Community Projects

Projects published below, have NOT been tested at Electronics For You Labs. But, that does not mean that they don’t work.

We invite YOU to try and test them, and share your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

We will be happy to recognise the good ones via Certificate of Recognition and a Surprise Gift, on a weekly basis….

Home Automation Using Arduino Through Android Device

This project is based on Interfacing an android application to Arduino Uno board using Bluetooth. The result is a home automation system with minimal electronic components without complex soldering and simple...
reaction time game author prototype

Reaction Time Game

This  reaction time game tests the time taken by two players to react, and declare the fastest one as a winner. To do this I am using external interrupts and pin...

An AIoT Based Object classification Using Edge impulse & Raspberry Pi Platform

Object detection wherein every activity gets displayed in a live classification or IP address is a trending topic nowadays. Taking advantage of this, if machines can also recognise objects as humans...

Transistorized Microphone Preamplifier With Band Pass Filter

Introduction The signal from most of the microphones should be amplified before to be send to the interconnection cables. In order to reduce the noise of the amplifier the bandwidth of the signals...

Arduino Nano Based Car Security & Automatic Wiper System

This project addresses the automatic wiper and car security system for a car. Apart from that, it takes care of the security in terms of Smartphone App based monitoring and control...
Dual sharing RTC

Dual Sharing RTC

Necessity I have an old window AC at my lab, situated at the terrace. The AC needs to be run intermittently more so often when I’m out of the station and the...
ESP32 Internet Radio

ESP32 Internet Radio

The cheap MP3 VS1053 codec processor from aliexpress.com is told to be capable of decoding a variety of music formats, including Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI audio. VS1053 is also capable of recording in...
Home Automation With Alexa

Home Automation With Alexa

For most of the time having a real conversion with a computer has seemed something that was really far away, until now. Alexa voice service (AVS) is one such technology which...

Tiny Wi-Fi Switch for $3

Out of curiosity, I ordered the tiny ESP8266 relay switch from aliexpress.com but never knew it could be so embarrassing to find the right way to operate. The vendor said that...
ESP32 Touchless Temperature Scanner

ESP32 Touchless Temperature Scanner

Ever since the UK variant of Covid19 hit our country towards the end of March-21, in a span of two weeks we have more than 300 active cases in our small...

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