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Projects published below, have NOT been tested at Electronics For You Labs. But, that does not mean that they don’t work.

We invite YOU to try and test them, and share your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

We will be happy to recognise the good ones via Certificate of Recognition and a Surprise Gift, on a weekly basis….

IoT Based Health Monitoring System Prototype

An IoT Based Health Monitoring System With Medicine Box

Health is characterized as a full state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely a lack of illness. Health is a fundamental element of people’s need for a better...
Obstacle Avoiding Robot Prototype

High Torque Servo Motor and Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Robotics is a part of today's communication. Nowadays many industries are using robots, due to their high level of performance, which is a great help for human society also. Likewise in...
Coal Mining Robot Prototype

Coal Mining Robot

This project is to design a Coal Mining Robot to detect toxic gases emitted from the coal mine. It is used to detect the level of temperature and humidity inside the...
Wearable IoT Health Monitoring System

Wearable IoT Health Monitoring System

The wearable AC cum Heater was already published in EFY.  In the wearable AC cum heater, the fan will rotate and cool the body based on the temperature and vice versa.  We proposed...
Smart Wearable Ring

Smart Wearable Ring

“An opportunity in life to monitor each and every data of the health and a safety measure which analyse the real-time data and send emergency indication or message with an ornament...
Fig-3-A Circuit-Diagram-of-3-Phase-static-generator and Fig 3 B Circuit diagram of driver

Run Induction Motor By Battery

Power has very important requirement in human life. Every house hold equipment requires power to run Fridge, TV, Geyser, Microwave Oven, Induction Heater Water Pump even Mobile chargers, etc. whether mechanical...
Figure 4

Time Period Cum Pulse Width Cum Capacitance Meter

Time period and frequency are the two most important parameters associated with a wave, may it be analogue or digital. Whereas, frequency is the number of complete cycles of a wave occurring...
Fig 1: The working circuit showing the GR Peach circuit on the left sending data to the Android Phone which is displaying the voltage, current, power and Wh(Watt Hour) and plotting the bar graph in real time.

Smart Plug With Android Interface

This project implements a Smart Plug project which can measure the Power, Current, Voltage of any load connected to it. The Android phone interface can be used to read the values...
Architecture of Smart Home Solution using Gesture Recognition

Smart Home Solution using Gesture Recognition

In this mini-project, a smart home solution from scratch constructed. AI-powered gesture recognition (Android) app can open or close a (remote) door. This mini-project involves technologies such as AI, Data Science,...

Object detection – ESP32 Camera Acts As A sentry

The ESP32 Camera costs barely INR:650 . It can take pictures at a 2MBPS rate, and it can send pictures up to 200 meters distance using a small antenna on 2.4...

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