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Raspberry Pi DIYs

A collection of innovative and useful Raspberry Pi-based projects.

Stephen Hawking Wheelchair Model Controlled By Eye Motion Part-1

Body paralysis caused by severe neural conditions is one of the most complicated and dreaded things to happen to humans. It makes the daily life of the affected person very difficult,...
Hospital Sanitization robot

UV Robot

Sanitizing hospital rooms with human effort is not an easy task. It increases the chances of contracting infection, leading to further spread of harmful microorganisms The UV sanitization robot uses the power...
Raspberry Pi 4 Projects

Network Storage with Raspberry Pi

An always-on network backup device accessible to a computer from both outside and inside the network is a highly desirable thing. As the system will always be on, power consumption is...

Multifunction LCD Clock with Raspberry Pi

With just two simple Python files, an inexpensive LCD display and a low-cost digital temperature sensor, you can turn Raspberry Pi into a beautiful LCD clock with IP address and temperature...

Object Finder Robot

The Object Finder Robot uses OpenCV and computer vision along with a pre-trained model of TensorFlow running on the Raspberry Pi for detecting and classifying an object. In this robot, we...
Retrieval Of Data Using Image Analytic

Retrieval Of Data Using Image Analytic

After the success of the hydel plant telemetry project at less than INR 10K my boss thought why don’t I take up a similar project for the 16 MW solar field!...
Home Quarantine

Home Quarantine Using Face Recognition

The title might seem a bit confusing but I’ll explain. Face Recognition for Home Quarantine is a smart system that restricts other people from entering your home without permission. It works...
Arduino Piggyback on Raspberry Pi

Arduino Piggyback on Raspberry Pi

Arduino is a perfect mindless slave. Give it a job and it performs the task endlessly without defaulting even for a nano second. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi, or Raspi,...

Fruit Sorting Using OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

Sorting fruit one-by-one using hands is one of the most tiring jobs. It requires lots of effort and manpower and consumes lots of time as well. In modern times, the industries...

Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Speaker Audio Streaming System

Making Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Speaker and Streaming audio from mic directly to speakers is difficult when we do not have a Bluetooth mic and a sound system. So today we are...

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