Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Raspberry Pi DIYs

A collection of innovative and useful Raspberry Pi-based projects.

Guiding Visually Challenged Using Raspberry Pi

Blindness is a state of lacking the visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors. Partial blindness represents the lack of integration in growth of the optic nerve or visual centre...

Accessing GPIOs using SYSfs interface of Linux

A lot of development boards with different distributions of Linux are available in the embedded market. These boards come with different processors and therefore require different methods/libraries to handle their GPIOs...
GPS on Raspberry Pi

GPS on Raspberry Pi

A global positioning system (GPS) module is a device used to determine its location on earth in terms of latitude and longitude. Since Raspberry Pi is a complete computer in itself...

Home Media Centre with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi and your LED/LCD TV could be a very interesting combination to try out various DIY projects at home. One such great project is converting your LED/LCD TV into a...

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