Arduino Piggyback on Raspberry Pi

Arduino Piggyback on Raspberry Pi

Arduino is a perfect mindless slave. Give it a job and it performs the task endlessly without defaulting even for a nano second. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi, or Raspi,...

Voice Command Controlled Drone

With path-breaking progress in UAV technology, drones are now being readily adopted and deployed for several uses. But despite the advancement, many physically challenged people are unable to operate them due...
wireless video surveillance robot

Wireless Video Surveillance Robot using Raspberry Pi

This project builds a Video Surveillance robot that can be controlled via wireless remote control and can be used for video surveillance also. Video surveillance is the process of monitoring a situation,...
Raspberry Pi Traffic Light

Raspberry Pi Traffic Light Using TensorFlow & Python

In metropolitan cities traffic jams are one of the major problems and for the common man and he who use to travel on their legs is one of the major problems....

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