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Our collection of some of the most interesting and innovative projects from all over India. Get inspired!

The Gill Sense gateway

Gill Sense: Pocket-Sized Device to Turn Utilities Smart

Depleting natural resources like fuel and water has raised much caution. As immediate remedial actions, innovators are leveraging on technology to come up with solutions to reduce resource wastage. Bengaluru-based Gill...

An Automated Navigation Technology To Reduce Road Accidents

Do you know that more than 11,000 road accidents are caused in our country every year due to potholes and speed breakers? Can this be solved using advanced navigation technology with...

CardioMon – Saving Lives Through ECG at Home

Myocardial infarction, or simply, heart attack, is one of the major ailments leading to human fatality, especially in a country such as India, due to sedentary lifestyle and diet. It is...

INDIA’s Own GPS Soon Will Be Reality With the Launch Of Vehicle...

The Indian semiconductor distribution company, Ramakrishna Electro Component Pvt Ltd Group (REC) has launched VTS (Vehicle Tracking System), under UTRAQ brand, which is one of kind Module that will run on...

VAPCare: Medical Electronics To Improve ICUs

High-quality medical services are critical all over the world. India’s medical communities are working hard to bring the best infrastructure and most upgraded setups to us. Quality and scope of services...
CloudPill with multiple pouches

CloudPill: Cloud-based IoT Monitoring of Pillbox Usage

An intelligent medication adherence solution (CloudPill) using an intelligent pillbox with pill detection capability and wireless connectivity to a cloud infrastructure
Mopure Touchless water dispenser

Touchless Drinking Water Dispenser Made in India

MoPure from Realment Labs is a touchless water dispenser that helps to reduce the spread of infections through taps in common establishments by dispensing drinking water when the user just places...

World’s Cheapest and Smallest Ventilator Made in India

Ventilators have become synonymous for emergency care. Unfortunately, due to their high cost, not every hospital and patient in the world can afford them. The good news is that the world's...

Top 6 Innovations To Improve Your Daily Life

Find lost items out of Bluetooth range Bluetooth-enabled item locators are small tag-like products that you fix to your belongings. When you are unable to find something, you can make the tag/locator...
greenie in operation

Greeniee – Optimize Energy Spends Through Data Driven Insights

In India, power utility bills are always a huge pandemonium, which includes the total usage for previous month and the amount to be paid by the customer for this usage. The...

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