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Beaming Internet From Space Through Astrome

While the Internet is now considered a necessary portal for the flow of information, sixty eight per cent of the population of our country still does not have access to it....

Real-Time Cardiac Monitor: The Size Of A Band Aid

Medical electronics need to be designed in a manner that these not only provide accurate health data but are also easy to use. This enables quick and efficient diagnosis of ailments....

OCEO: A Smart Water Purifier At Zero Purchase Cost!

Quality of drinking water is one thing that we cannot afford to compromise - not one bit. Water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, hepatitis, typhoid and cholera, or illness due to contaminants like...

Bandicoot: Made In India Robot Replacing Manual Scavenging

One of the biggest problems in India is the profession of manual scavenging. Although laws have been made to stop the practice, human scavengers are forced to enter and clean the...

New Test Equipment For Latest-Generation Wi-Fi

New routers, tablets, laptops, phones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices will all come with Wi-Fi 6 support. As we consume more bandwidth-demanding applications, both sender and receiver devices must support Wi-Fi...
CloudPill with multiple pouches

CloudPill: Cloud-based IoT Monitoring of Pillbox Usage

An intelligent medication adherence solution (CloudPill) using an intelligent pillbox with pill detection capability and wireless connectivity to a cloud infrastructure
bolt iot

Bolt IoT: Hardware And Cloud Platform For IoT Products

Over the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been an evolving trend for most startups. Also, many large and medium enterprises rely on IoT products for a coherent...
greenie in operation

Greeniee – Optimize Energy Spends Through Data Driven Insights

In India, power utility bills are always a huge pandemonium, which includes the total usage for previous month and the amount to be paid by the customer for this usage. The...
IoT Will Lead To Creation Of Smart Hybrid Voting Models For Fair Elections In India

IoT Will Lead To Creation Of Smart Hybrid Voting Models For Fair Elections In...

With India having embraced technology originating in the west relatively easily, it only becomes natural that the embraced technical aspects be employed to solve real-world issues. Now, as far as new technical...

iQuant Analyzer: Point-Of-Care Test-kit Analyser Made In India, For India

Over the years, innovators have been looking at ways and means of converging digital and medical technologies for creating newer diagnostics and solutions for the healthcare industry. Changes and advancements in...

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