Advanced Liquid Sensor Devices Prove Pivotal in Protecting Telecom Equipment

20th April 2017 - With a large proportion of telecom infrastructure being located outdoors, it will regularly be exposed to adverse weather conditions. The threat of rainwater ingress is something that...
mobile communication

Mobile Communication: From 1G to 4G

Any radiotelephone capable of operating while moving at any speed, battery operated and small enough to be carried by a person comes under the mobile communication systems. These communication systems may...

How To Avoid Mobile Radiation

In India, cellphone use has increased from 50 million in 2005 to approximately 800 million now and the number is increasing. The direct and indirect contribution of cellphones to the growth...

An Introduction to Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Tiny wireless devices and the enormous growth of wireless communication technologies have already established the stage for large-scale deployment of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). A typical WSN consists of a large...

Building a Future with 5G

The abysmal state of healthcare in India can be attributed to lack of adequate number of healthcare experts and specialists in the country. And for a long time now we have...

RockBLOCK Mk2: Communication Beyond Limits

Communication is a basic requirement. However, sometimes we are in an area where Wi-Fi, GSM and other forms of terrestrial communication are not available and so we are unable to communicate...
managed leased line networks

Managed Leased Line Network

In the present age of globalisation, businesses are spread all around the world. In order to operate the business smoothly, there is a strong need for a dedicated telecom link that...

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