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What is happening in electronics engineering for the communication and networking sector?

Fourth-Generation Free-Space Optics

Despite the availability of high-speed telecommunication facilities in the neighbourhood of last-mile locations such as business centres, offices and homes, there are still some technological constraints that hinder high-bandwidth availability. Moreover,...

New family of SoCs Drives Down Cost of Multi-Protocol Industrial Ethernet Communication

Sitara AMIC110 system on chip (SoC) simplifies industrial Ethernet communication and provides design versatility by supporting more than 10 standards INDIA and DALLAS (June 6, 2017) – Cost-optimized industrial Ethernet communication is...

How the IoT is Revolutionising Telecom

IoT can propel both the top line and bottom line of telcos by introducing more operational efficiency and additional revenue streams Given all the marketing push and hype around the Internet of...

5G Radio Dot Gives Big Boost to Indoor Coverage

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17, 2018 -- With mobile data traffic surging by eight times and 1 billion 5G subscriptions expected by the end of 2023, mobile operators must meet consumer and enterprise...

How Does BDMA Technology Work in 5G Network?

Beam-division multiple-access (BDMA) scheme has been proposed to increase wireless communication system capacity and handle a large number of users in 5th Generation (5G) systems. The number of mobile users is swelling...

Designing High Performance Infrastructure with Hyper Convergence

As the world around us is becoming increasingly digital and as most applications and services are moving to cloud promising anytime-anywhere connectivity, performance expectations of customers on their IT infrastructure are...

An Introduction to 5G Technology

  5G mobile telecommunication standards stand for fifth-generation advancements made in the mobile communications field. These comprise packet switched wireless systems using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) with wide area coverage, high...
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Faster Wi-Fi is Not the Only Advantage with the 802.11ax Standard

Wi-Fi speeds have increased enormously over the past decade, with newer Wi-Fi standards cropping up at regular intervals. With IEEE 802.11ax products in the market, the wireless data transfer speeds have...
LTE Posch Conformance testing

MathWorks Introduces 5G Library for New 3GPP Radio Technology Development

Provides physical layer algorithms and link-level reference for upcoming 5G standard Bangalore – (20 November 2017) – MathWorks today introduced a 5G Library aimed at supporting wireless design exploration in advance of...

Undetectable Microscopic Hardware Backdoor Found In Electronics

While the move to smaller transistors has been a boon for performance it has dramatically increased the cost to fabricate chips using those smaller transistors. This forces the vast majority of...

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