power factor correction for motor

How To Design A Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuit?

An important factor that decides the power quality in an electrical system is Power Factor (PF). Almost all types of mains powered electronic and electrical equipment utilize Power factor correction (PFC) schemes...

World’s First Multicore Test Chip on TSMC’s 10FinFET Is Here

ARM recently announced the first multicore, 64-bit ARM v8-A processor test chip based on TSMC’s 10FinFET process technology. Simulation benchmarks show power and efficiency gains relative to TSMC’s 16FinFET+ process technology,...

First Step Down DC/DC Converter IC For Efficient operation

ROHM has recently announced the development of a DC/DC converter IC featuring very low ON time. This enables direct step-down conversion to 3.3V or 5V from the input voltage range which includes 48V used...

Nucleo Pack Is A USB Type-C 1.2 And PD 2.0 Compliant Embedded Solution

As electronics companies worldwide increasingly look to implement the new USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) technology, STMicroelectronics, release a certified embedded software solution based on its STM32 microcontrollers. The free...

Feel The Heat : Real Thermography Beginning At 160×120

A Thermal Imaging camera is a tool that helps in analysing problems with electronic and electrical circuits, among other applications, without risking the life of the operator. Let's look into the camera with Kalidas...

CRC And Increased Integration Among Other Features In The DesignWare DDR4 IP

Synopsys, Inc. recently announced DesignWare DDR4 IP to expand memory capacity for high-performance cloud computing systems while improving reliability, accessibility and serviceability (RAS). The DDR IP supports advanced error correcting code (ECC), which...

What is 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G?

Let's learn the ‘G’ in 5G: how mobile generations have evolved. This video looks over the changes in mobile generations, and what benefits each generation of mobile networks brings with it. Courtesy: DigiTech...

How To Build A Quadcopter?

Quadcopters are becoming more widespread because they are incredibly stable, fast and fun to fly. Newer technologies have allowed development of smaller and cheaper quads with vast capabilities. While a quadcopter...

IR Remote Designs For Home Appliances!

With readily available and inexpensive Infrared emitters and detectors, Infrared (IR) remotes are quite common in almost all home appliances like televisions, CD/DVD players, air conditioners, microwaves, computers, set-top boxes and...

How to Build A Voice Recorder?

Voice recorders are required in many modern applications which require recording sound such as speech, singing and instrumental music. For those who want to build their own voice/sound recorders, read on to...

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