“LED lights are beyond the budget of an average buyer”

As part of our series titled 'Global Trade Opportunities' where we try and identify international firms that are looking forward to do business in India, Anurag Gaur from spoke to...

Cloud Concept Used to Manufacture Individual OLED and Organic Solar Cells

  Till date, both material and manufacturing of OLEDs and Solar energy have been expensive due to which these are not being widely used in consumer lighting. In order to increase the...

What’s Next in Lighting?

Sustainable, flexible design creates new opportunities for product development, finds Frost & Sullivan's TechVision Team SANTA CLARA, California, Oct. 21, 2016 -- In response to the growing demand for cost-effective and eco-friendly...

LED Drivers: The Engines Behind New Lighting Systems

Incandescent lamps are on the way out and are being replaced by energy-saving CFL bulbs. Only a few years ago, these devices were hailed as the solution to our energy problems....

Lighting Industry Will Offer More Core Jobs for Engineers by 2020

The opportunities in India for engineers to bag core jobs might be limited, but lighting is an exciting and challenging field to work in, regardless of whether your interests are design,...

Music-Operated RGB LED

Here, RGB LED light intensity and colour change with the rhythm and volume of music. It is a great idea to have such a lighting system at home, gym or music...

How To Make an LED Bulb

In this video, the author is building a led bulb from junk parts and led strip. Only thing that is needed is a led strip and a DC adapter. Courtesy: American Hacker  

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