Light Animations Using Arduino and MATLAB

Light animations are visually appealing and hence widely used for advertising purposes. In this project, we present a MATLAB-based graphical user interface (GUI) approach to control the glowing pattern of a...
Smart Light Circuit

Make Your Own Smart Light

Most textile retail stores have trial/changing rooms for customers to try on new clothes before buying them. These rooms are illuminated all day long, irrespective of whether these are being used...
authors prototype : 81 LED chaser light

81 LED Chaser Light Using CD4017

This is a simple CD4017 based LED light using NE555 timer for clock generation. We have used only two CD4017 ICs to construct the project in 9x9 matrix format. The circuit...
flash light

Decade Counter Based Flash Light

This decade counter based flash light circuit generates flashing lights in running pattern. In conventional running lights, the LEDs glow one by one. In this circuit, the LEDs flash a number...

Unique LED Lantern

Presented here is an LED lantern that also functions as an emergency light or a tent light. The design has all required functions, including on/off switch, maintenance-free rechargeable battery, integrated battery...
LED Night Lamp

Low-Cost Ambient-Light-Controlled LED Night Lamp

This LED Night Lamp uses a 1.5W LED module operated on a 12V DC power supply. Here, an L14F1 phototransistor works as a sensor. When there is sufficient light falling on...

USB LED Night Light

A typical USB LED bulb shown in Fig. 1 is a 5V, 5W USB-powered solid-state lamp. At the heart of this light bulb is a circular aluminium PCB made with a...

7×5 LED Matrix Using Arduino

Presented here is a simple 7x5 LED matrix circuit vriven by Arduino Uno (Arduino LED). It can be used to display your name or create any number of patterns. If the...

LED Torchlight

Most commercial torchlights use three AA or AAA cells connected in series, which produces 4.5V to drive white LEDs using a current-limiting resistor. These flashlights do not drive the LEDs efficiently...

Little Nightlight

Here we describe a very simple, economical and light-weight automatic nightlight that runs on 230V AC mains and can be used as a deluxe gizmo in the sleeping room of your...

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