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What is happening in electronics engineering for the power electronics sector?

power factor correction for motor

How To Design A Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuit?

An important factor that decides the power quality in an electrical system is Power Factor (PF). Almost all types of mains powered electronic and electrical equipment utilize Power factor correction (PFC) schemes...

Solid State Transformers – Revolutionising the Power Grid

Solid-state transformer (SST) is a collection of high-powered semiconductor components, conventional high-frequency transformers and control circuitry which is used to provide an elevated level of flexible control to power distribution networks....
Harvesting Radio Frequency Energy

Harvesting Radio Frequency Energy

Most people do not realise that there is an abundance of energy all around us, at all times. We are being bombarded with energy waves all day long. Radio and television...

Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless power transmission (WPT) is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without the use of wires or cables. Upon completion of the presentation you will...

Power Electronic Devices

Power electronics devices are the devices that can be directly used in the power processing circuits to convert or control electric power. Let us know more about it in the presentation given...

Working Of A Transformer

This video gives a detailed animated illustration on the working of Electrical Transformers. It explains the basic working principle and construction of the transformer, step-up transformer, step-down transformer, transformer winding and...

Scaling Up Safety: Where Batteries Behave

In the cold, cold US winter of 2019, there was a stutter and stammer, and in most cases, a complete absence of sound. Electric cars, especially the Model 3 from Tesla,...
Rapid-Charging Micro-Supercapacitors for Portable Devices

Rapid-Charging Micro-Supercapacitors for Portable Devices

Batteries are the dominant technology for powering portable devices. But the problem with batteries is their size and requirement of frequent charging, time required for charging, and repair and replacement. Fig. 1...

Switching-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Design

A majority of electronic DC loads like motors, LEDs and microprocessors need regulated source voltage levels which are not obtained from standard voltage sources. The Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is a...

Make a LCD TV Power Supply!

LCDs are, by far, the most widely produced and sold television display type. The energy efficient LCD screen is available in a wider range of screen sizes than CRT and plasma...

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