Basic Tutorial: Solar Panel & Charge Controller

In this video tutorial, the presenter will show you how solar panels are wired up, why bypass and blocking diodes are necessary when working with them and how we can get...

Energy Sector Sees Innovation Across the Value Chain

June 01, 2013: At the government, industrial and consumer levels, there is rising awareness about depleting resources, lack of reliability and sustainability in the energy sector. “There is a growing need to...

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar-powered water pumping systems can find application in town water supply, livestock watering and irrigation. Solar-powered irrigation system is an application of solar-powered water pumping system used in paddy fields, gardens...

Selecting Appropriate Rooftop Solar Panels

India is blessed with abundant sunshine for most of the year. Switching to solar energy is therefore an extremely logical option. Solar energy is more economical and environment-friendly as compared to...

Tutorial: Solar Array Design

Using mini solar panels this video demonstrates the basics of solar array design and construction. Suitable for introductory classes to solar array design. Courtesy: ScienceOnline  

Solar-Energy Systems

‘Solar’ is the Latin word for ‘sun.’ Solar energy from sun gives life to earth and its creation. Besides this, solar energy can also be successfully utilised for various applications such...


Blessed with one of the best quality and quantity of sun, India offers a huge potential to develop solar photovoltaic (PV) power both for domestic consumption and export. With several new...

Are Solar PV Farms Polluting?

Solar energy has long been touted better for the environment than fossil fuels. Considered as one of the ‘green’ sources of energy, it might become mainstream within the next decade. However,...

Which Type of Solar Cell Is the Best for Your Application?

A solar panel is made up of solar cells that convert solar energy (sunlight) to electricity. This conversion is known as photovoltaic effect. Solar energy is the best alternate energy source...

Why Distributed Solar Power Is Crucial

  Distributed solar power generation is the opposite of centralised generation. In centralised generation, electricity is generated at central power plants that are sometimes located hundreds of kilometres away from the load...

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