Tutorial: USB Powered Mini AC

Make your own mini USB Air conditioner! All you need are some simple items to pull this off. A plastic box, some small fans, a USB cable and some ice. Courtesy: HouseholdHacker  

Tutorial: Pull Up Resistors and Buttons

Buttons giving you grief? This tutorial shows how to use a pull-up resistor to make buttons work! Whether it is a big switch or a tiny push button, one single resistor...

5 Free eBooks On Analog Circuits Designing

1. Analog Integrated Circuit Design Author/s: Tony Chan, Carusone David A. Johns, Kenneth W. Martin Publisher: Wiley This book strives to quash the notion that the design and test of high-performance analog circuits are...

What Is Spike/Surge Protector And Power-Line Filter?

A surge protector or surge suppressor is a device designed to protect electrical devices from undesirable sudden and short-term increase in voltage spike. Both voltage surge and voltage spike referring to...

What is 5G?

5G is a new buzzword you hear more than anything else. Here's everything you should know about 5G, in one video. A quick look at the history of mobile networks, 5G...

40 Free eBooks On Signal Processing

Signal Processing incorporates all aspects of the theory and practice of analogue and digital signal processing. And because the subject is vital for electronics engineers, here's our attempt to bring some...

Power Supply Design Tips For Embedded Applications

Due to the advancement of the semiconductor industry, the technology node keeps on decreasing. This leads to lesser core voltage and higher current requirement. Also, the voltage regulators need to have...

Tutorial: BJTs as Transistor Switches

Transistors are electronic switches that are used to control things that would kill an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beaglebone. There are two major types known as a BJT and MOSFET. This...
capacitive reactance

Capacitive Reactance

A capacitor by structure consists of two conductors separated by an insulator that is often referred to as a dielectric. It is often used to filter out DC component in electronics...

Transmission Basics: Designing A Dipole Antenna

Continued from part 3, here we discuss details about a dipole antenna. The most commonly used antenna is the dipole antenna used for RF with the most common applications being old tv transmissions....

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