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What is Electricity?

What is electricity? How does electricity work? There are many forms of electricity:AC, DC, electrostatic, sparks, arcs, gas discharge and corona discharge, but all are variations of the same principle. This...

Smartphone Review: One Plus X

After the long delays and mishaps in the delivery of their flagship, One Plus had to make a strong comeback with the One Plus X. Rumors of the device had begun...
harmonic distorted wave

An Introduction to Power System Harmonics (Part 1)

Harmonics creates pollution in power system just like carbon dioxide creates air pollution. Industries are more aware of direct costs related to energy consumption of their machines and processes as it shows...

Electronics Projects: 8 Health Tech DIYs You Should Definitely Try!

Do you love DIYing? Are you looking for new projects to make? Here's bringing, 8 DIY projects on health tech with complete schematics, block diagrams, design guide and source files. Go...

How To Ace A Technical Interview Smartly

Technical positions are often considered the hardest to fill. The extensive job description that these positions carry is more often than not met by candidates. Even those who meet these expectations...
littelfuse power mosfet

New SiC MOSFET Series with Ultra-Fast Switching

Combines ultra-low switching losses, high efficiency and superior robustness, even at high temperatures Beijing, China, October 17, 2017 —Littelfuse, Inc. introduced its first series of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, the latest addition...
splicing wires

Various Types of Wires and Cables

Upon completion of this presentation, you will be able to understand the following: Introduction to wires Types of wires in details Introduction to cables Difference between wires and cables Construction of...
at & gsm command

All You Wanted To Know About AT And GSM AT Commands

What are AT commands? AT commands are commands which are used to control the modems where AT stands for Attention. These commands were derived from Hayes commands which were used by the...

5 Crazy Electronics To Inspire Your Next DIY! (With Videos)

Looking for a cool project that can amaze everyone around you? Here we bring 5 awesome inspirations that can leave everyone awestruck! Atithya Amaresh 1. Cocktail Vending Machine How about this Inebriator mixing your...

New 4-channel High-Efficiency Linear Power Amplifier for Car Audio

TOKYO - Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation today announced a new 4-channel high-efficiency linear power amplifier "TCB701FNG," that meets current market requirement for high efficiency. Sample shipments will start in...

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